How to Use HyperJar Travelling Abroad

Using HyperJar abroad is the effortless and hassle-free way to travel, with 0% foreign fees. Find out how to use the HyperJar card abroad in our guide.
Amabel Polglase
June 12, 2023
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Travelling is always exciting, whether you’re taking a trip across the world or going on a minibreak. However, it can also put a strain on your wallet. You can save on your next adventure by using HyperJar abroad. With our 0% international fee prepaid travel card and HyperJar app to help you budget your next excursion and make your money go further.

At HyperJar, we believe that you shouldn’t be punished for spending money when travelling.

Let’s look at how you can use the HyperJar card abroad to save money and make your next trip even more rewarding.

The Effortless Way to Spend on Your Travels Abroad

Nowadays, people do most of their everyday spending on a debit or credit card. After all, it’s more convenient than cash, and you’re less likely to be robbed or lose your card.

However, when we’re travelling, we still default to carrying cash. Or you might decide to pay a little extra for the convenience of using your debit card abroad (and suck up the foreign transaction fees applied to every purchase!).

If you’re wondering: can I use my HyperJar card abroad without paying extra fees? You can – in over 200 different countries. With HyperJar’s travel features, you get all the benefits of using your regular debit card without any extra costs and no holiday money stress.

No Fees, No Problem

One of the downsides of using your regular debit or credit card in a foreign country is that you typically pay foreign transfer fees (FX fees) on every purchase. These can stack up over the course of your trip and can leave you poorer after your holiday than you need to be.

This makes the HyperJar prepaid debit card the ultimate travel companion. Using HyperJar abroad gives you all the convenience of using your regular debit card with no international fees. So, you can spend money whenever and wherever you like without punishing your bank account.

Organised Spending Abroad

The HyperJar app can help you with your holiday planning, too.

You might be wondering: how can I use my HyperJar card abroad to help me budget? By using the HyperJar card and app, you can effectively save for different parts of your trip, including flights, accommodation, experiences, and food, and track your spending using the app.

HyperJar can help you to save money for travelling with their jar feature. You can allocate savings to different jars so that when you’re on holiday, you can easily see how much you have budgeted for each spending category to stay on track with your spending. This feature also helps you ensure that you save up enough to do everything you want to before you go on your trip.

Get the kids involved with money on your travels

You might be wondering, can you use HyperJar abroad if you’re a child?

Fortunately, you can. In fact, using HyperJar abroad is an excellent opportunity to teach your kids about financial responsibility. After all, they’ll want to buy many things – ice cream, souvenirs for friends and family members, or a gift for themselves.

The HyperJar prepaid kids debit card can help them to track their spending, while the app can help them to save for the things they want to buy on holiday. This is an excellent opportunity to teach your kids about money, and using the HyperJar card abroad allows them to practise financial responsibility without the risk of losing physical cash.

The Best Mastercard Exchange Rate

When spending abroad, one of the other costs to consider is the exchange rate. In other words, ensure you get the most out of every pound.

When spending with your HyperJar prepaid travel card, you’ll get the best exchange rate offered by Mastercard. This can save you even more money since Mastercard exchange rates between currencies are better than many card providers.

This means you’ll have even more money to spend on your trip. You can use it to treat your family to a meal or to go on an excursion to explore more places you visit.

Support When You Need it Most

Using HyperJar abroad is a great way to avoid financially ending up in a tough spot while travelling.

With the HyperJar prepaid travel card, you can instantly freeze and unfreeze your card if you misplace it. This means that if your card gets lost or stolen, you can instantly protect your money from the HyperJar app.

Moreover, if you run out of funds, you can use the app to quickly transfer money from your bank account to your HyperJar card. So you don’t have to use your debit card and pay international fees.

The HyperJar app also gives you tools to save and budget for your trip abroad.

Learn more about how HyperJar works with our tutorial videos, which can help you if you get stuck using the app while travelling. Or you can browse our FAQ page and search for help articles on our community centre page

Less Cash, Less Stress

Worrying about spending money abroad can put a damper on your trip. When you take cash abroad, it’s disheartening to see the wad become thinner as the days go on. It forces you to think about money every time you pay for a meal, buy the opportunity to experience something new, or get souvenirs to take home.

While taking cash can help you to save money and budget abroad – since you won’t pay any extra international fees when making purchases – so can the HyperJar card and app. However, it does this without forcing you to think about money at every moment of your holiday.

Amabel Polglase

Chief Marketing Officer

Amabel has diverse experience in business, marketing and entrepreneurship, including founding her own successful startup. She served in several senior leadership roles prior to joining HyperJar including Zilch and Curve Card where she led brand, marketing and communications. Before joining the fintech revolution, Amabel was a managing global client partner at Facebook and prior to that at McCann-Erickson, the world’s largest ad network. She volunteers at Girls Out Loud, a charity created to empower and inspire teenage girls, and is also a mentor at The Girls’ Network. She received her MA in history and international relations from the University of St Andrews.

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