Google Pay

Google Pay is a faster, smarter and safer way to pay from your Android device or Google account. You can use it for online payments, in app purchases and contactless payments in stores.

How do I Start?

1. Go to the Google Play store

2. Download Google Pay here

3. Once it’s installed, go to Add a Payment Method

4. Enter or scan the details of your HyperJar card

5. Follow the on-screen instructions

Can I make my HyperJar card my default card?

Yes. Open the Google Pay app, tap Payment at the bottom, choose the payment method you’d like to make the default and tap Make default.

Can I make contactless payments using my phone?

Yes. For contactless payments you need a device that supports near-field communication technology (NFC) and run Android KitKat® 4.4 or above. This is available on most Android devices.

Once you have Google Pay on your phone and set up your HyperJar card you can make contactless payments using your mobile phone. You may be asked to use Face ID or Fingerprint ID, depending on where you’re spending.

Are there any contactless spending limits while using Google Pay

The contactless limit in UK stores is currently £45. Some merchants allow higher contactless payments using Google Pay, and you’ll probably be asked to use Fingerprint or Face ID for additional security.

Is Google Pay safe?

Google Pay is a very safe way to pay. Your card details are tokenised and encrypted, meaning they are never seen by the merchant (or anyone else) during payment, meaning they cannot be intercepted during a payment and misused.

Can I use Google Pay outside the UK?

You can use Google Pay anywhere that takes Mastercard and Google Pay. Just remember to enable international spending in your HyperJar app, from your Account screen.

What to do if you lose your phone or your card?

If your phone is lost or stolen, you can get in touch with us by emailing or Chat on the website,, and we can freeze the account for you. We will get you back up and running with a new card as soon as we can.

Will I be able to make a payment if I have frozen my card?

No, You need tap on your Account tab and then change Freeze card to off.