The benefits (and joy) of holiday planning 2023

More Portugal for your pound
Chris F
June 15, 2022
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Half of the fun of a holiday is planning and looking forward to it. (OK – maybe not quite half, but it’s certainly something most of us love to do.)  

As we gradually get back to something like normality, a holiday is top of the list of things many of us are looking forward to. Because there’s nothing quite like the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of another country to make your senses tingle.  

More Portugal for your pound

We have some great news on that front. We’re delighted to welcome TUI, Europe’s biggest travel provider, as a partner on HyperJar. You can now start planning and saving for your next TUI holiday and get a 4.8% annual growth rate on your money.  

Any money you commit to TUI can be spent on package holidays, flight bookings, or hotels, so there’s a huge range of options.  

How about Christmas in Salzburg? Island hopping in Croatia? Scuba diving in Tobago? Cocktails in New York, or dice and dining in Las Vegas? Or maybe just chill on a beautiful Greek beach.

Travelling with friends and family

If you’re travelling with friends or family, you could set up a shared Jar. You can all see how much each person has paid in, set up scheduled payments and goals, even message each other in the app.  

A romantic weekend in Iceland, or a girls’ getaway to Ibiza? How about taking the family to Florida next spring?

Commission-free foreign exchange

And don’t forget, HyperJar is great for spending abroad: we charge zero fees for using the card internationally. You’ll get Mastercard’s best wholesale exchange rate on any spending you do on holiday and no charges from us. That could save you up to 3% versus a high street bank debit card.

What’s stopping you?

With an incredible range of destinations and options, plus fee-free changes and covid cover till the end of October, TUI takes care of pretty much everything.


Now with TUI on HyperJar, you get even more. 4.8% growth on your spending power, commission-free FX abroad, and a great way to plan and spend with the other holidaymakers in your life. You can book now for any time right up until April 2023.  

So, whether it’s a winter getaway, a spring break or the summer sun, there’s no time like today to start making your money go further and start looking forward to your next trip.  

Chris F

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