HyperJar is the perfect travel companion if you’re planning a trip overseas. Using the card abroad is fee-free and you’ll get exclusive rewards from the country’s favourite holiday brands.

Plus earn up to 2% cashback on your domestic & overseas spending
T&Cs apply.

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Travelling with your HyperJar card.

Taking HyperJar with you when you travel means you can pay fee-free in 36 million locations in over 200 countries using your HyperJar prepaid Mastercard.  

Zero fees for spending in any currency.
Add to Apple Pay or Google Pay for even safer spending.
Get Mastercard’s best exchange rate with no fees on top.
Reduces the need to carry too much cash.
Just load your account before you leave and use the card like you would any other.
Freeze and unfreeze your card instantly in the app.
Spend directly from a holiday Jar, so you’re always paying from the right budget.
Remember to toggle on ‘Spend abroad’ from your app before you travel.
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Get more Portugal for your pound.

Make your holiday budget go further when you save-before-you-go with our partners TUI and 

Every pound you commit to spend with them in future gets an ‘annual growth rate’, currently averaging 4.8%.
Saving up for a trip next year? Allocate £1000 to TUI or in the app today and you’ll have grown your spending power by around £50 in 12 months’ time. 
The more you have to commit and the longer you can leave it, the bigger the reward.
You must spend the money with those brands, but there’s no time limit - and you can even gift it to other HyperJar customers.
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Shared Jars for travelling together.

Sharing a Holiday Jar is a brilliantly easy way to plan together and get rid of the stress of joint spending on excursions, hotels and meals.

If you’re planning a trip in a group, create a Barcelona (or Bognor) Jar, add a cocktail emoji and set the goal you want to reach. It becomes an instant digital kitty when you share the Jar with others: everyone can pay in and link their cards to the Jar to spend when you arrive.

HyperJar makes it easy to save up together before you travel and split costs when you arrive - with no arguments about who’s paid what and when because it’s all recorded in the app.