Split the Bill with HyperJar.

Share any Jar with a partner, friends, flatmates or your kids for saving up and spending together, seamlessly.

Full transparency, no more IOUs, no more fronting the costs for tickets and trips followed by awkward months of chasing payments. And with none of the hassle of formal joint bank accounts. 

How does it work?

Ever wanted a neat solution to bill splitting and expense sharing? That’s also free? Say hello to HyperJar. It’s the money sharing app that lets you manage shared costs in digital Jars - from home bills with your partner to Big Nights Out and holidays with friends.

Create a Jar for your shared expenses - that might be Groceries, Greece or Glastonbury - and invite anyone else with the HyperJar app to join it.  You can all pay in and spend from that Jar and even send each other messages, from nudges for top-ups to ideas for where to eat.

Download the free app today!

Frequently asked questions.

Is the HyperJar app free?

Yes, it’s 100% free.

Do my friends need to have the HyperJar card for us all to split the bill?

Yes, all sharers need to have the HyperJar app. It only takes a few minutes to download and sign-up.

Can I request money? Can my friends request money from me?

Once you’re all on the app it takes seconds to move money between you. Bank transfers in are instant.

Is my money safe?

Every penny paid into a HyperJar account is kept at the Bank of England until it’s spent. We use bank-grade encryption technology to protect your money and data, as well as Touch and Face ID.

Is that all I can use the HyperJar card for?

No! Fee-free spending abroad. Grow your spending power with leading brands like TUI, Virgin and Shell. Add to Apple Pay and Google Pay, Cashback, Charity round-ups. Free Kids Cards (as many 6-17s as you have living at home).