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About HyperJar

HyperJar Ltd is a London-based Fintech. It raised Series A funding of USD$24mm in 2023, one of the largest Series-A rounds for a European business that year. Its award-winning B2C digital wallet HyperJar is the spending super-app. It’s a brilliantly effective, visually engaging account with a prepaid debit card that helps people to Spend Life Well. Behind the simple idea of managing money in digital jam jars is a lot of world-first tech, offering access to all types of instant rewards – including up to 1.5% cashback on all spending. These rewards sit alongside unique tools for organising, sharing, and controlling spending. The ability to share money in a single ‘jar’ with other people on HyperJar solves a myriad of devolved spending challenges in a way no other account can: sports teams paying in subs and spending from one source; parents managing expenses with a child-minder; housemates sharing bills; a couple wanting something less formal than a joint bank account.

The app currently has 600,000 customers and has been the top-rated digital account on the major UK review and app store sites for over 12 months.
HyperLayer is the company’s B2B venture. It provides unique tech capabilities globally to organisations who want to offer enhanced spending and other services to their customers or employees. These organisations include banks, asset managers, pension funds, merchants, and any enterprise whose clients are also spenders. 

Since public launch into UK app stores in October 2020, HyperJar has won 14 awards for its proprietary technology.

Spend life well