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HyperJar is a jam-jar budgeting account that helps you plan, grow and spend your money smarter. Organise your money in Jars just the way you live your life. It's like a good friend to your main bank account, and fun!

The money app for you, your family and friends

Organise, spend, plan

Divide money into virtual Jars, using each like a mini account. The Jars you create reflect your life, your spending and your goals. Use them for everyday costs like groceries, fuel, kids' clothes and bills, or to plan for things like a new bike, Christmas and holidays.

About to pay? Spend directly from any Jar when you link it to HyperJar's intelligent prepaid card.

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Money is better together - without the need for joint accounts

Create pop-up joint accounts instantly with our unique Shared Jars. Up to 100 people can pay in, plan together and spend from the same Jar.  And you can message each other inside the Jar, like a WhatsApp group for money.

No more awkward bill splitting, forgotten IOUs, messy transfers, delays or arguments about whose round it is.

Social spending that fits your social life.

Plan ahead - it's rewarding! 4.8% rewarding!

HyperJar lets you invest in your shopping by prepaying to some of the UK's best known brands, like Shell, Dyson and Virgin Wines. We call this H-Money.

If you choose to pay one of our partners ahead of spending, you'll get an Annual Growth Rate of 4.8% on every penny, calculated and added daily.

H-Money can be put in your Wallet or in any Jar.

When you're ready to shop with a merchant you've prepaid to, link your card to the place your H-Money sits.

Not ready to lock-in? 'Favourite' any of our partners and get offers and awards sent to you in the app.


Happier money

No subscription costs, no fees, and we don’t do debt. We'll never pitch you a loan or an overdraft. Instead, we help you plan ahead, rely less on credit, put more money away, grow your spending power, borrow and worry less. 

Your credit score is never affected when you open or use HyperJar.

And it feels so good when you pay first, buy later.

Hyper easy. Hyper smart. HyperJar

No fees - at home and abroad

Pay anywhere in the world, in any currency, with no fees. Get Mastercard’s best exchange rate with no charges from us. Fee-free spending, the way it should be. Just go to your Account screen, then check that the Spend abroad button is toggled to On.

Easy money transfers

Instant money transfers between HyperJar members. Zero cost and simple to set up.

Stay on top of your spending

Immediate notifications on spending, transfers and messages. Reorganise transactions into new categories and get breakdowns of your spending patterns.

No chatbots - Real Humans for Customer Support

Chat to a human 7 days a week via Live Chat customer support from your Account screen.

Your money relationships

From bills to group holiday planning. See your relationships with money, friends, shops and services in the app.

HyperJar puts money where your life is.

HyperJar lets you plan with your favourite brands big and small. Let us know who you'd love to join our community.

Your HyperJar money is safe

Freeze your card

Freeze your card instantly from the app. If you lose your phone - meaning you lose your card and access to the app - get in touch with Customer support via our website and we will lock your account until you're back up and running.


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Bank-grade encrypted data

HyperJar uses bank grade 256-bit encryption to keep your data and money safe.


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Secure deposits

We work with digital payment specialists Modulr (Modulr Finance Limited) to protect and manage your money. It's deposited in segregated accounts held directly at the Bank of England.


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