Plan, share and spend with Jars

Manage your money with digital Jars, spend directly from them with the HyperJar card and app.

Let Jars plan your money

Set budgets in Jars for bills, groceries, holidays, and the things worth saving for.

Save up and spend together with shared Jars

Pool money together and spend with shared Jars. Get a clear view of all your shared spending. Leave each other notes, track payments and set permissions.

Spend directly from any Jar

Choose where you spend from when you shop. Your HyperJar Mastercard can be linked to any Jar.

Get started with shared Jars

Jars for families and couples

🍎 Food shopping
⛱ Family holidays and weekend breaks
💡 Sharing bills and big purchases
📚 Top-up living expenses for kids at college

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Jars for friends and house-mates

🎒 Trips and festivals
🎂 Birthdays and nights out
💡 House bills and essentials
🚴‍♀️ Sports and hobbies

Create your shared Jar

Sharing with 2 to 30 people

🎁 Gifts for teachers
🚌 School trips
🏏 Venue hire for sports and clubs
🛫 Large group trips

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Stay in control

⚙ Set spending limits and choose who can spend from Jars
📝 Allow sharers to view notes and transactions
🔐 Choose who can invite new sharers
📊 Track all payments in and out

Get Started with shared Jars

Allocate your spending money to our partner brands and watch your spending power grow at 4.8% AGR

Get a 4.8% Annual Growth Rate with our partners

Supercharge your Jars when you commit to shopping with our partner brands
The 4.8% Annual Growth Rate (AGR) is your reward, paid daily, on money you already planned to spend, and you can share supercharged Jars with anyone.
Money allocated to a brand has to be spent there, but there’s no time limit. That's it.

Your money is protected

your money is protected
data privacy

Secure deposits

Freeze your card

Data & security

We work in partnership with e-money specialists PFS (Prepaid Financial Services Ltd) to protect and manage your money. It's deposited in safeguarded, segregated accounts with major UK retail banks, which means it’s never used for lending.
Freeze your card instantly from the app. If you lose your card and access to the app, our customer support team will temporarily lock your account for you.
HyperJar uses bank grade 256-bit encryption to keep your data and money safe.

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