Get paid to plan with HyperJar’s exclusive ‘Annual Growth Rate’.

The Annual Growth Rate (AGR) is a way for us to reward you for planning ahead with our shopping partners. To super-charge your spending power in a unique, thoughtful way that encourages you to get on the front foot with your budgeting.

Head to the Shops tab in the app and take a look at our offers.
Tap any you know you’ll want to spend with in future and check out the Ts&Cs.
Choose Top up if you’re ready to commit money ahead of spending in return for the reward - from as little as £1 .
The moment you commit money, your spending power starts to grow - you’ll see the odometer in your Jar spinning away.
The money must be spent with the brand you’ve committed to, but there’s no time limit and you can even gift it to other HyperJar members.
When you’re ready to spend, the smart HyperJar card knows to take it from your committed balance with that brand - genius!

Here's how it works.

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The detail.

Each chunk of money you commit to an offer with an AGR reward - and it can be as little as £1 - get’s the Annual Growth Rate for a maximum of 12 months.
Let’s say you are lucky enough to commit £500 to TUI in a Holiday Jar on 1st January,  and they currently offer an AGR of 10%. If you leave this money, by 31st December that year the balance will have grown by £50 - so you’ll have £550 to spend with TUI. And you’ll have budgeted.
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