Prepaid Travel Cards with HyperJar.

HyperJar is the perfect travel money card if you’re planning a trip overseas.
Plus: Earn up to 1.5% cashback on your everyday spending both domestic & overseas!
T&Cs apply.

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Zero fees for spending in any currency.
Add to Apple Pay or Google Pay.
Get Mastercard’s best exchange rate with no fees on top.
Reduces the need and risks of carrying too much cash.
Just load your account before you leave and use the card like you would any other.
Freeze and unfreeze your card instantly in the app.

What’s a HyperJar Prepaid Travel Card?

Taking HyperJar with you when you travel means you can pay fee-free in 36 million locations
in over 200 countries using your HyperJar prepaid Mastercard.  

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How does a prepaid travel card work?

The 100% free HyperJar prepaid travel card is a brilliant way to manage your holiday spending. Here’s how to get started.

Sign up.

Download and order your card. It usually arrives in a few days.

Load funds.

Add money from a bank to your new HyperJar account.

Turn on international spending.

From your Profile tab, toggle on the ‘Spend Abroad’ feature.

Instant notifications.

Whenever you pay abroad, you’ll see instant notifications in the app to tell you how much and where you’ve spent.

If you’re planning ahead, create a Barcelona (or Bognor) Jar and set the goal you want to reach. For an instant digital kitty, share the Jar if you’re travelling with others so everyone can pay in and link their cards to the Jar to spend when you arrive.

Your prepaid HyperJar travel card is free to use - zero fees when you spend in any currency, and we pass on Mastercard’s best exchange rate to you directly.

A prepaid travel card helps
you stay in control

Lost and stolen cards.

There are few more panicky experiences than a lost or stolen card when you’re travelling. With HyperJar, you can freeze your card instantly at the tap of a toggle in the app so it can’t be used. If you find the card, simply unfreeze and you can start using it again as normal. You can also add HyperJar to Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Set your budgets.

Before you travel, use your HyperJar app to get organised. If you’re backpacking for a few months, make sure your budget stretches to the end of the trip by sorting your planned spending in different Jars according to the country. 

HyperJar helps you stay in control of your travel spend with instant notifications, a complete breakdown of exactly what you’ve spent and where - and you won’t waste any precious budget paying fees.

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Split costs between friends and family.

Budgeting, IOUs and chasing payments from friends you’re travelling with is the last thing you want to spoil your adventure. HyperJar makes it easy to save up together before you travel and split costs when you arrive - with no arguments about who’s paid what and when because it’s all recorded in the app.

A brilliantly easy way to plan together and get rid of the stress of joint spending on excursions, hotels and meals.

Frequently asked questions.

How do I freeze a prepaid travel card?

Go to your Profile tab in the app, tap HyperJar Card and then the Freeze Card toggle.

How long will it take to receive my card? 

It usually takes a few days for your HyperJar prepaid travel card to arrive.

What countries can I use the card in?

Your HyperJar prepaid travel card can be used in 36 million locations in more than 200 countries.

How do I enable my card to be used abroad?

Tap your Profile tab, then HyperJar Card and make sure Spend Abroad is toggled on.

Can I use the travel card at an ATM? 

No, you cannot use your HyperJar card to withdraw cash at ATMs in the UK or abroad.

Can I transfer money back to my debit card after my travels?

You can transfer money back from your HyperJar account to your bank. Or start planning for your next trip!