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HyperJar is for everyone.

HyperJar is the first ever money management app built entirely around consumers and their everyday money relationships, priorities and plans.

Become a partner brand and engage with the thousands of customers using HyperJar to plan, save, organise, share, gift and spend their money.

Why join the HyperJar community of brands?

Create sustainable customer relationships within an incredibly high touch-point app.

Offer your customers a platform to plan, save and organise their money.
Utilise a unique channel for brand exposure.
Reward your customers with offers and incentives.
Receive Multi-dimensional data and insights.
No upfront costs to become a partner.
No technical integration required.

The HyperJar community.

We have a growing community that has one thing in common – they want to manage their money more effectively. Our customers accurately reflect the UK population.


In line with the UK (geography and age graphic).

Family focused.

70% of HyperJar users are parents with the average household containing 2.2X users.


4+ app visits per week per person.

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