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Unleash your inner money-master.

You've never seen Jars like these. You can divide money in them, but that's just the beginning. You can  also link your card to any Jar and spend from it, share Jars, and limit or block spending with shops. Plus earn exclusive rewards. All for free.
No more moving money  manually. This is budgeting like a boss.

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Spend life well

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Money. Sorted.

There’s nothing better than the feeling when everything falls beautifully into place. When you sort your money in digital Jars, you give your pounds a purpose and keep your spending in sync, so you can enjoy those all-sorted vibes.

Learn why giving your pounds a purpose is the first step towards a healthier, happier relationship with your money.

Real rewards.

Connect to your favourite brands and businesses for exclusive rewards, cashback, and discounts and make your money work harder with HyperJar. It’s a new way to inspire more thoughtful spending and better budgeting.

Spending together made easy.

Get digital joint accounts without any hassle or linked credit scores. Great for couples, flatmates, families, and groups.

100% free kids'
and teen card.

Money mastery isn’t just for grown-ups. Get your kids into great money habits with the free HyperJar Kids Card and app for 6-17s. They get the spending independence they want, you get the oversight you need.

Zero fees when you spend abroad.

HyperJar is a must-have travel companion if you’re going overseas. Pay fee-free in 36 million locations in 200 countries using your HyperJar prepaid Mastercard. So you get more money to spend on your holiday. Happy days. 

Plan better, budget better,
feel better

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Brilliant service hyper jar and the…
Farlda Kauser
Brilliant service hyper jar and the chat service is amazing and fast and convenient Really happy with the service the agent solved my issue in no time. Brilliant for the children to have this card I see all they are spending in real time. I’m very pleased
Love this app!
Love this app, had no problems with it so far & the best thing is it’s free, I litrally have friends with kids that have similar bankin apps & they pay monthly charges for using it, hyperjar also comes with cards & every pound or penny spent by your child can be seen by parent/guardian, love it
Everyone needs this app!
Customer live chat is very fast and my issue (which was just a misunderstanding on my part) was resolved within a couple of minutes. Love how organised my finances are now. How did I ever manage without it! Would definitely recommend.
Exceeded my expectations
Michelle Wells
I was absolutely amazed!  Chat service is superb, quick, efficient and so kind.  The emails about how to use, easy to understand and very informative.  It is a secure way to teach kids and I am so confident that this is the first step to give my son more responsibility in a governed fashion and avoid any challenges that he may experience within life
Very responsive and quick when help was...
Mrs Mouat
Very responsive and quick when help was needed. Checked up after question was asked to see if everything was sorted. Great card for adults and kids to be kept in control with no silly charges.
Amazing banking app
Laura Myerscough
Amazing banking app, secure and reliable and really easy to set up, customer service is amazing, always helpful and friendly, would definitely recommend
I absolutely love hyperjar...it helps…
I absolutely love hyperjar...it helps me separate my money so I know what goes where and what I have to spend without that niggling thought " have I left that amount for that bill".. highly recommend..   I'm terrible at saving..and I've actually got money in my bank on my next payday..
Does everything without fees
Does everything you need to provide younger members of the family access to mullah. Has the bonus of enabling interest gathering in jars assigned to companies you decide to use regularly and without the fees of similar providers. Oh, and the app is slick.