Easy Ways To Make Money As A Child

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Amabel Polglase
December 13, 2022
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There are plenty of easy ways for children to make money. From setting up a lemonade stand, cleaning to mowing lawns, kids can earn money doing all sorts of things. In this blog post, we'll share some of the easiest ways for children to make money, while learning the value of money and becoming financially responsible. 

So if your child is looking for ways to make some extra cash, read on for some great ideas. 

Why Children Should Start Earning Money 

There are many reasons why children should start earning money. Perhaps the most important reason is that it teaches children the value of money. When children are given an allowance, they may not always appreciate their parents hard work to earn that money. 

However, when children earn their own money, they are more likely to be careful with their spending and save up for things they really want.

In addition to teaching children the value of money, earning their own money also helps teaches children about responsibility. They learn that they have to put in effort in order to earn money and that they need to be careful with how they spend it, while gaining a sense of pride and accomplishment.

This is a valuable lesson that will help them throughout their lives.

Easy Ways To Make Money As A Child

It is never too early to start learning about the value of money and how to earn it. From setting up a table at a garage sale, selling baked goods to doing chores such as raking leaves or walking dogs; with a little creativity, children can easily find ways to make money.

How to Make Money For 6 To 8-Year-Olds

There are many easy ways for 6 to 8-year-olds to make money. One way is to do chores around the house, such as taking the bins out, washing up, or hoovering/sweeping.

Doing chores around the house is a great way for 6 to 8-year-olds to make some extra money. Not only will this help out the parents, but it will also teach children the importance of housework. If children are able to do chores quickly and efficiently, they may be able to negotiate a higher rate of pay with their parents.

Another way to make money is to help other family members with tasks such as walking pets or washing up.

Also, children can participate in online children's surveys. Many companies are willing to pay for children's opinions on a variety of products and services. While the amount of money that can be earned from online surveys may be relatively small, it is a great way for children to learn about the market research process.

How to Make Money For 9 To 11-Year-Olds

There are many benefits of 9 to 11-year-olds working and making money. Firstly, it teaches them the value of hard work and how to be responsible with money and helps them develop good time management skills. 

One way is to cut the grass with supervision if needed. Another way is to do odd jobs for family members, such as pets or washing up. This age group can also participate in lemonade stands, bake sales or other small businesses. 

They can also make money by doing yard work, such as raking leaves or shovelling snow, as well as helping around the house, such as taking out the trash or doing the dishes. Additionally, they can run errands for neighbours, such as walking the dog or picking up the mail. 

There are many easy ways for 9 to 11-year-olds to make money. With a little creativity and effort, they can earn a good amount of money.

How to Make Money For 12 To 14-Year-Olds

It’s important for 12 to 14-year-olds to start working and earning their own money because it helps them to learn the value of money and how to be responsible with it. It also gives them a sense of independence and confidence.

There are a few different ways they can make money. One option is to babysit for families in their neighbourhood. This is a great way to make some extra money and it also helps to build responsibility. Another option is to start a small business. This could be something like mowing lawns, walking dogs, or selling items they’ve made. 

Participating in online surveys or paid focus groups is another way to make money. And finally, pet-sitting, dog-walking, or yard-working are all great ways to earn some extra money. 

How to Make Money For 15 To 16-Year-Olds

Young teens are more responsible and reliable when working in comparison to younger ages. One option is to find part-time work in a retail setting. This can give young teens some spending money, and also help them to learn the value of a pound. 

Another option is to provide services such as dog walking or lawn care. This is a great way to be active and make some money at the same time. Teens can sell items that they create or find online. This is a great way to use their creativity to make some extra money.

How Can Children Use Their Money 

There are many ways that children can use their money. They can donate to charity, buy things that they want or need, or save it for future use. Whatever the use, it is important for them to learn how to budget and save responsibly. 

Some other ways that children can use their money are by investing it, spending it on experiences rather than things, or using it to help others. It is important to teach children the value of money and how to use it wisely. 

Easy Ways HyperJar Can Help Children With Money 

HyperJar Kids

The HyperJar Kids card is our prepaid debit card for children to use. It helps parents manage their children's spending by setting spending limits and tracking their spending online. The card can be used anywhere that accepts Mastercard, and can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs.

In addition, the card also helps parents teach their children how to manage money responsibly and make responsible financial decisions. 

HyperJar Jars Saving Account

Our Jars provide the cardholder with the ability to ‘Link’ spending with any UK retailer from a specific savings pot, making it easy to keep on top of your saving and spending habits. You can also block spending with chosen retailers to help you reach your savings goals.


There are many easy ways for children to make money and if you're a parent looking for ways to help your child do this, downloading the HyperJar app is a great option.

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