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Giving your kids pocket money just got easier. This is the fuss-free pocket money card for kids.

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HyperJar is changing the way parents & kids manage their finances

With a HyperJar Kids Card, children can learn about financial independence in a safe way. They’ll have their own card to spend in shops and online, but you’ll top it up through your HyperJar account. You can set spending limits and monitor their transactions through your HyperJar app. With a prepaid card, they’ll never be able to overdraw money or access your bank account. Think of it as an online piggy bank!

It’s perfect for teaching young children about spending and saving — but you still have ultimate control over their account.


The UK’s only free pocket money card

The HyperJar Kids Card is free to order. There are no subscription fees or fees for transferring funds between the card and your bank account. Plus, if you go on holiday and your child wants to spend abroad, you’ll benefit from zero FX fees when paying in different currencies.

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Prepaid card for kids

Standard bank accounts are only available to children aged 11+ and can be time consuming to set up. Getting started with HyperJar couldn’t be more straightforward. Plus, our prepaid cards are even suitable for little ones! HyperJar Kids Cards are available for children aged 6 and above.

Use the HyperJar app to set up ‘Jars’ for your kids, which will link to their Kids Card. When they spend money with the card, money comes out of the selected Jar. As the HyperJar Kids Card is a prepaid card and not a debit or credit card, you’ll need to add funds to their Jars before they can spend. They won’t be able to spend money that hasn’t been added to their Jars or access funds in your bank account.

While your child will be able to use their card in shops and online, you’ll determine the funds they have access to. It’s safe, simple, and convenient banking for kids.

They’ll enjoy saving, spending, and learning about the value of money. You’ll have peace of mind that you can limit, monitor, and freeze their spending at the touch of a button using the HyperJar app.


Getting the kids started with HyperJar

Ready to add a prepaid Kids Card to your account? Just follow these steps:

Download the HyperJar app

Create an account if you haven’t already (make sure your app is up to date).

Visit the ‘Account’ tab

Once your account is set up, find the ‘Account’ tab so you can add a new card.

Tap on ‘Kids Card’

This button should be the second one down on your menu.

‘Add user’

Select ‘+’ and follow the instructions to add a child to the account

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Kids account management

Once you’ve gone through the steps, your Kids Card will be posted to the address on your account.

Scheduled payments will be available this spring. You’ll be able to automate any payments including weekly pocket money into Jars.

We’ll be adding child-friendly retailers, so you’ll be able to gift your children HMoney — funds they can spend with our selected merchant partners.

As we add features and develop the Kids App, we will never charge subscription or usage fees.

HyperJar is for KIDS and the best part is it’s FREE

You can have as many spending Jars as you like. What’s more, you can spend directly from a Jar when you link a Jar to your card. There’s no need to “move money about”. Check out our case studies below to see how HyperJar is making a difference.

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Pocket Money Card FAQs


Is the HyperJar Kids Card a debit card for kids?

No. The HyperJar Kids Card is a prepaid kids card for children aged 6+. Your child will need their own bank account to get a debit card. Banks have different restrictions on the age children need to be before they can open a bank account, but most banks only accept children aged 11+. A HyperJar Kids Card makes it possible for younger children to have a spending card, without the need for a bank account. As a parent, you’ll load funds onto their card from your bank account. They can only spend this amount and won’t have access to your private HyperJar Jars or bank account.


Are prepaid cards for kids safe?

Yes. The HyperJar Kids Card has been specifically designed with the safety of kids in mind. As their card is connected to your HyperJar account, you’ll be able to see all their transactions through the easy-to-use HyperJar app. This transparency means you can help your child learn about budgeting and spending responsibly. You’ll never worry about their spending habits, as you can monitor their activity as closely as you wish. They won’t be able to sign you up to direct debits or subscriptions and their card won’t be able to withdraw funds from your bank account. Plus, if your child’s card is lost or stolen, you’ll be able to freeze it instantly through the app.


Where can a Kids Card be used?

Your child won’t be able to use their Kids Cards in ATMs — they can only make purchases online and in shops. Anywhere that accepts Mastercard should also accept a HyperJar Kids Card, even if they are using their Kids Card abroad. As most vendors accept Mastercard, they’ll be able to use their card in most countries around the world.


Is a teenager too old for an account for kids?

No. Teenagers can enjoy the benefits of a HyperJar Kids Card. Still, once your child turns 16, they will be able to convert their kids account into a full adult account if they wish. Plus, some features of the HyperJar Kids Card are only available to older kids. For instance, kids aged 13+ can add their HyperJar card to Apple pay and Google Pay (fun fact: HyperJar is the only pocket money card you can do this with!)

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