The coolest pocket money card for Kids

HyperJar Kids Card

The FREE Kids Card linked to the world's best jam jar budgeting app

ZERO subscription fees for as many children as you have

ZERO fees to load funds

ZERO FX fees when paying in other currencies

HyperJar is determined to help as many families as we can reach their financial goals. To help kids learn the value of planning and smart spending from a young age. And to make it fun for everyone.

HyperJar Kids card works with the adult app, allowing parents and guardians to manage their children's money in as many jars as they like, providing them a combination of financial literacy, discipline and independence.

How to get the HyperJar Kids Card

-Download the HyperJar app and create an account if you haven't already (make sure your app is updated!)

-Once you have an account, go to the 'Account' tab in your app

-Tap on 'Kids Card'

-Select '+' and follow the instructions for each child

Once completed your Kids card will be made and posted to the address of record for the adult account.  If you have more than two children, you can order extra cards through our friendly customer support team.

HyperJar Kids Card

Get started with the HyperJar Kids Card

- Set up savings Jars and help your kids learn to save for goals

- Setup pocket money Jars and add money each week.  Add notes in the Jar to remind what chores your child needs to first complete.

- Link your Kids Card to your child's iPad or Xbox account so they can't 'accidentally' spend more than they should on games

-Use Kids card when shopping on foreign sites as you'll save loads on FX compared to Paypal and regular payment cards

- Manage all their pocket money in HyperJar and determine how much they can spend by creating spending Jars and savings Jars

- Let your child have their own card to spend when on trips or for school snacks, keeping your own card safe

Take your HyperJar Kids Card to another level

-Do you know you can link your Kids Card to any Jar?  To change the Jar the Kids card is linked to, go to Account -> Kids Card -> Change Linked Jar

-Kids Card will only spend from the linked Jar

-Jars have the ability to have a backup payment source,  however this is only for the adult card and app.  Backup payments for Jars do not work for Kids cards

-You can also set a goal for each Jar.  Set a goal by going to Jar -> Settings -> Goal.  When you set a goal your Jar then adds the cool moving wave to let you know how close you are to your goal.  Try it out!

What's next?

A free companion Kids App is being built as we speak.

We're also working on scheduled payments so you can automate weekly pocket money into a Jar for example.

We'll soon be adding child-friendly retailers if you want to gift HMoney to your kid that can only be spent at a specific place.

As we add features and Kids App, we will never charge subscription or usage fees.

All features will be available to everyone equally.

We hope you love HyperJar Kids card and would appreciate any feedback you have for us as we build the world's best saving and spending app!


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