HyperJar extends up to 2% Cashback offer (Updated June 2024)

Spending app HyperJar has extended its latest cashback offer to include all new customers who sign up for a full account before midnight on 14th June 2024. Newbies will get 1% cashback on all monthly spending on their physical HyperJar card and 2% on spending on their digital wallet (Apple Pay/Google Pay) until 31/10/2024.
Mathew Megens
March 4, 2024
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HyperJar extends our up to 2% cashback offer (extended to 21/6/24)

2% cashback on Google Pay/Apple Pay spend and 1% on physical card spending2 with a £200 per month cap – fee-free

Spending app HyperJar has extended its latest cashback offer1 to include all new customers who sign up for a full account from 4th April 2024 to the 21st June 2024. Newbies will get 1% cashback on all monthly spending through their physical HyperJar card and 2% on spending through their mobile wallet (Google Pay- Apple Pay)2

How HyperJar measures up to other leading cashback accounts

Hyperjar: Cashback Rate 1-2% (Max £200 pm). No Account fees
Santander Edge: Cashback Rate 1% (Max £20 pm). Account fees £36pm
Chase: Cashback Rate 1% (Max £15 pm). No Account fees.
Amex Platinum Cashback Card: Cashback Rate 0.5% to 1.25% (Intro offer 3m 5% cashback Max £125 pa). Account Fees £25 pa
Asda Money Credit CardL Cashback Rate 0.3% (everywhere) to 1% (Asda Spend). No account fees
Lloyds Bank Credit Card: Cashback Rate 0.25%. No account fees
Barclaycard Rewards: Cashback Rate 0.25%. No account fees

HyperJar Cashback Vouchers3

As well as cashback on every spend, HyperJar is the only digital wallet to offer instant money back on ‘Cashback Vouchers’ – or e-gift cards. Each of the 90+ retailers featured in the app offers rates of between 1% and 20% on the Voucher’s value. The cashback is paid immediately into the HyperJar account after buying a Cashback Voucher – so no waiting for points or a minimum amount to transfer - which is stored in the app ready to use in-store or online. HyperJar estimates that, when used for typical spending on things like groceries, fashion and eating out, their Vouchers could add an extra £500 a year to household budgets.

HyperJar key benefits

  • Up to 2% cashback on everyday card spending for new customers until October 2024
  • Up to 20% instant cashback when you buy Cashback Vouchers with over 90 leading retailers
  • Unlimited sub-accounts – shown as Jars in the app – which can all be linked to the smart HyperJar payments card for direct spending
  • Share Jars with any other HyperJar customer to create pop-up digital kitties for group expenses. Set individual permissions for paying in and spending for each sharer and see a full list of Jar transactions that shows who’s done what
  • No added fees on FX spending
  • Customer deposits are kept in safeguarded accounts at the Bank of England and other banks, governed by the e-money regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority


  1. HyperJar cashback offer live until 31/10/24. Applies to new customers signing up for a full account between 04/4/24 and 21/6/24. Cashback is calculated on card spending per calendar month. The cashback will be added as a lump sum 30 days after the end of each qualifying calendar month.
  2. Some categories and items do not qualify for cashback, such as paying off credit cards, buying gift cards, gambling, and cryptocurrency transactions. 
  3. HyperJar Cashback Vouchers work like digital gift cards. For example, buy £100 Curry’s Cashback Voucher and get £7.00 cashback into your HyperJar account instantly, available to spend anywhere, or £5.50 back to spend exclusively with Curry’s in future. More information here.
  4. Trustpilot scores for HyperJar; Chase Bank UK; and Santander UK taken on 23/1/24
  5. Based on ONS Family Spending data
  6. A full list of all Cashback Voucher partners is in the app
  7. The average of different partner cashback rates. All current cashback rates available in the app.

Mathew Megens

Co-Founder of HyperJar

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