Cheap But Thoughtful Christmas Gifts 2023

Worried about Christmas and having to spend lots of money on presents? We’ve pulled together a list of inexpensive Christmas present ideas to help.
Amabel Polglase
November 21, 2022
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As the old saying goes, it’s the thought that counts; don’t feel you need to spend a fortune on your loved ones this Christmas. Research shows that people remember cheap but thoughtful Christmas gifts way more than costly items that don’t mean a lot. HyperJar has put together a list of some of this year’s most thoughtful gift ideas that are sure to go down a treat.

Framed photo

Who doesn’t love a framed photo? It shows you’ve really thought about the recipient and chosen something that’s meaningful. They bring back memories of the past, and people love showing them off in their homes. So, think of moments you’ve shared together, family celebrations, or pets you know they love. Head over to a store like Snappy Snaps and order the perfect thoughtful gift when celebrating Christmas on a budget.


"A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house." Seriously, people love receiving plants as they are such thoughtful gifts. They nurture them daily and enjoy watching them grow and thrive. They’re easy and convenient gifts and last a lot longer than a bunch of flowers. So, gift a plant and your loved one will be reminded of you every time they water it. Head over to your local supermarket to find a selection of potted plants that are reasonably priced.

Scented Candles 

You don’t have to spend a fortune on scented candles. Lots of stores like Aldi, Primark and B&M sell beautifully packaged candles that smell divine. One of our favourites is the Aldi Hotel Collection No 1, Lime, Basil and Mandarin candle, as it’s a brilliant dupe of the Jo Malone equivalent. The packaging is super slick and elegant, and you can now buy it online at the Aldi store.

Board Game

What would Christmas be without board games? Research shows playing them triggers the release of endorphins which leads to happiness. They don’t need to cost an arm or a leg either. The Argos website stocks a large range of board games, and you can pick board games for any age group. Also, consider if you could get a board game second-hand or you could even regift a present!


Curling up and reading a good book is one of the best feelings in the world. They’re thoughtful cheap gifts as people can open them again and again and again. Amazon is our go-to book shop as you can pretty much buy any book in the world, and at any price.


Socks are the ultimate cheap Christmas present. Whether they’re functional or novelty, they give people something to wear from the new year and beyond. Funky Pigeon do some great personalised socks that can be sent directly to the recipient.

Kitchen utensils

There are so many useful things you can buy for the kitchen that are a steal at under £10. Fun kitchen gifts always go down well as they get used regularly and are super useful. This 8-in-one Kitchen Gadget, for example, combines several  useful things like a lemon squeezer, a measuring cup, and a potato masher in one. On sale at Amazon for under £8.

Personal Grooming Kit

Everyone loves a bit of self-pampering, and so do we. You don’t have to go overboard and splurge on grooming gifts, as there are plenty out there for under a tenner. Our go-to store is Boots, where you can buy virtually any grooming product for any part of the body. We love this Champneys grooming kit on sale for £10.


We Brits love a cuppa. On average, we drink 3 cups of tea over the course of the day. There are so many great mug ideas out there that make the perfect gifts. Vistaprint offers personalised mugs starting at £4.99.


Give a one-of-a-kind gift of a notebook to show you really care. These days you can personalise them on the front covers. Whether they’re used for recipes, daily notes or as a travel diary, your loved ones will remember you every time  they open the book. Getting Personal offer books starting at £9.99.

Power bank

When you’re away from home and there’s no power in your phone, it can be incredibly frustrating. A lightweight power bank is a great present and super useful. These days you can get great quality ones for very reasonable prices. Amazon stocks a large selection starting at £11.89

Fidget cube

Fidget cubes are great at de-stressing and calming you down. For those with relentless energy, they can be incredibly helpful. They’re small enough to fit in your pocket and take wherever you go. An excellent cheap gift for or the old and young. Fidget Cube sell a wide selection, starting at £9.99

Free kids pocket money card

HyperJar offers a free pocket money card and app for kids aged 6+ to manage their own money and give parents complete oversight at the same time. They make a great stocking filler for any child, giving them independence as well as setting them on their way to learn about financial responsibility. Order the card now by downloading the app for free.

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