7 Cracking Ways to Celebrate Easter on a Budget

Doing Easter on a budget is an excellent way to get creative and save yourself some money. Read our guide to find the best Easter ideas on a budget.
Amabel Polglase
March 20, 2023
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There are many ways to enjoy Easter on a budget with your family and friends. After all, you don’t need to spend a fortune to bring your loved ones together at this time of the year. 

This article introduces seven Easter ideas on a budget that will help you spend time with your family and friends without breaking the bank. 

So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the different ways you can do Easter on a budget this year.

1. Have a Cheap Easter Egg Hunt 

Undoubtedly the most important symbol of Easter is the egg. And if you’ve got kids, a great way to keep them entertained is to set up an Easter egg hunt. However, Easter egg hunts can be expensive, mainly if several kids are involved. 

For instance, Cadbury’s Crème eggs are currently available for £3.95 for ten, and if you gave five eggs to five children involved in the hunt, it would cost £11.85, which isn’t cheap.

Rather than splashing out on expensive eggs for your hunt, you can try the following cost-saving tips:

Reuse or upcycle gift baskets 

Before your Easter egg hunt, invite the kids to decorate or design gift baskets to store them in. You can use old baskets, cardboard boxes, paper bags, or even discarded egg trays, and the whole experience will be fun-filled and creative.

Decorate your eggs 

One of the cheapest ways to go about an Easter egg hunt is to decorate some hard-boiled eggs. Simply buy a tray of eggs from the supermarket, and hard boil them before the hunt. Ask your kids to decorate them and hide them in and around the garden for the children to discover. 

Fill your eggs 

Another option is to fill your eggs. You can order fillable eggs online for just £10, which you can use year after year. Decide what you want to fill the eggs with from around the house for a cheap and cheerful surprise for the kids when they find them.

2. Host an Easter Party on a Budget 

If you want to bring family and friends together at this special time of the year, an Easter party on a budget is the way to go about it. To ensure you don’t overspend, here are some steps to plan a party with the money that you have available: 

·  Begin with a simple budget, whether you have £10, £20, or £100 to spend on the event, for instance. 

·  Agree on the most important aspects of the party, including refreshments, gifts, and decorations. 

·  Put together a guest list of family and friends and send out invitations. 

·  Prepare the party in advance and ask family and friends to help to keep all costs in-house.

Further to the above checklist, the following tips will help you throw an Easter party on a budget this year:

Do some home baking 

Home baking is a great way to be creative but also an excellent opportunity to save some money. Bake some easter cookies and cakes to provide your guests with delicious sweet treats when they come over without breaking the bank.

Set up some free Easter-themed games 

To keep the kids (and adults!) entertained, set up some free Easter-themed games you can play at your party. Ideas include an egg and spoon race, sack race, or even tin-can bowling. You can also set up some board games for your guests to enjoy.

Use seasonal produce 

When preparing the food for your party, consider buying seasonal produce to save on your grocery bills. Putting together a food budget and buying fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season will help you save money in the lead-up to your Easter party.

3. Get Creative with Cheap Easter Decorations 

It’s time to think about decorating your home to celebrate Easter with your family. While it might be tempting to head to the store to pick up some ready-made Easter decorations, the reality is that they are typically expensive at this time of the year.

So, why not get creative with cheap Easter decorations? Some ideas you can try include the following: 

·  Flower arrangements from your garden 

·  Eggshell candles 

·  Homemade carrot garland 

·  Hand-drawn Easter bunnies 

·  Easter bunny banner 

·  Painted eggs 

·  Simple Easter centrepiece for the kitchen table 

·  Easter sign for the garden 

You can always look on sites like eBay for second-hand Easter ornaments, while heading to local charity shops is another great way to pick up some cheap Easter decorations that you can reuse year after year.

4. Regift with Love 

Although some people regard regifting as a way of getting rid of stuff that you don’t like, the reality is that it can be a cost-effective and rewarding way of giving gifts to your family and friends. And the same applies to giving gifts at Easter time.

The key thing to remember is that you should regift thoughtfully and respectfully to ensure that the recipient actually appreciates the gift. 

For a few simple Easter gifts on a budget, you can turn to gifts you have received recently as Christmas, Easter, or even birthday presents and decide how to find them a new home. Just be careful not to regift an item to the person that gave it to you in the first place! 

5. Throw a Family and Friends Potluck 

Hosting a potluck can be a highly effective way of doing Easter on a budget. Potlucks are popular in the United States, and it’s a way of splitting the responsibility of preparing a meal between family and friends.

So, one couple takes responsibility for the drinks, another for the appetiser, another for the main, and another for the dessert. You can set an Easter theme for the potluck or simply ask each couple to prepare whatever they feel comfortable with. 

Then, when everyone comes over for a delicious Easter meal, they bring their contributions with them, ensuring that you can tuck into a lovely meal that you haven’t been solely responsible for as the host.

6. Establish your Own (Free) Easter Traditions 

One of the best things about celebrating Easter on a budget is that you can enjoy the weekend in any way you choose, as there’s no script you need to follow. So, why not create your own family Easter traditions? Some ideas include:

Watch a movie 

Family movie days or nights are a wonderful way to spend quality time with each other, and you can use the long Easter weekend to chill out in front of your favourite flicks. Family movies like Matilda, Mary Poppins, and Annie are all great options to enjoy at this time of the year, but you can tune into any film you all enjoy as a family.

Host Easter games 

Easter is a great time of the year to enjoy different games, and you can be as creative as you like at home. You can set up Easter egg hunts, Easter Olympics, and even a flour toss to entertain your family and friends in the garden. 

Cook or bake together 

Easter cookies and cakes are much nicer than store-bought eggs, and setting an Easter tradition with your family to cook or bake together is another lovely way to spend quality time with one another at Easter. You can roll out signature family recipes or search online for unique Easter ideas to try for the first time this year.

Have an Easter Photoshoot 

No matter what you and the family get up to this Easter, setting up a photoshoot is a great way to cherish the memories in the future.

You don’t need to hire a pro photographer to capture your Easter snaps – just use an iPhone or digital camera to take photos of what you and your family get up to. For something extra special, you could order a photo book online to add to your photo collection at home.

7. Attend a Local Religious Service 

Attending church is a big part of any Easter celebration for many families. Of course, it’s also free, and it’s a nice way to interact with other families in your community and educate your children about the real story of Easter.

You don’t necessarily have to be regular churchgoers to attend a service during the Easter weekend, and it’s an excellent option for you to appreciate the story behind the Easter celebrations.

Budget Wisely this Easter with HyperJar

The Easter weekend is a great opportunity to spend time with your family and friends, as most people are off work and free to move around. But equally, you don’t need to spend a considerable amount of money at this time of the year, as there are many ways to do Easter on a budget, as explained throughout this article. 

If you’re looking for a way to save and budget for Easter and beyond, check out how HyperJar can help you. Download the app for free today and get your finances in order using our brilliant saving jars to prepare as the Easter celebrations come around.

Amabel Polglase

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