Security & Privacy

How we make sure you stay safe using HyperJar

You're in control of your data

Choose how your data is used to personalise your experience within the app and the messaging you receive to make the app work in the best way for you.

We ensure it's protected

We protect all user data using bank-grade technology, with 256-bit encryption.


Set your own access pin to log into HyperJar.


If you misplace your card, you can freeze and unfreeze it in the app or via customer support.


Select Face ID of thumb recognition for added security.

Built-in protection to put you in control

Instant spending notifications

You’re instantly notified of activity in your account as and when it happens.

Lock the app

If you lose access to your phone, our fast acting customer support team will happily lock the HyperJar app for you.
Go to the Help Centre to learn more

Security controls

Being a GDPR native business, we’ve built controls across our infrastructure to ensure your personal data remains secure and private.

For more information please read our privacy policy.
To learn more about protecting your financial data, visit Take Five by Financial Fraud Action UK

Official Finance Education Partner of British Gymnastics

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