Build better relationships with your customers

and help them build more positive relationships with money.

How HyperJar works for your customers

Every day, more people are choosing to manage their spending and plan big expenses with the HyperJar app – not just keeping control of their money, but also making it go further by planning ahead with their favourite shops and services.

Join the innovators

Easy set up. No integration needed.

Join the brands already using HyperJar to help
acquire, retain and reward customers through the
number one platform for
responsible consumer money management.

Engage with your customers at the perfect time.
We work with consumer brands from almost every sector.

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What’s in it for you

Two-way commitment

Your customers commit their money to you and you can commit to providing rewards. This creates a more meaningful relationship with customers - existing and new.

Acquisition opportunities

Attract new customers as they browse the HyperJar app and explore new brands.
High-traffic and contextually relevant, HyperJar provides the perfect platform to communicate with customers as they manage their finances.


HyperJar offers a new way to get to know your customers as they plan and spend. 

Relevant Communication

Your customers use HyperJar every time they’re thinking about their money: planning, budgeting, shopping, spending.  HyperJar provides the most relevant time for merchants to give them ideas, news and offers.

Feel the love

You’re helping your customers have a healthier relationship with their money, to get more for it. Who wouldn’t love a brand that does that?

Dynamically reward your customers

Incentivise and reward your customers in response to their actions: saving up, buying gifts, sharing a kitty.


Platform features

Build more committed relationships with more customers

Personalised campaigns

With HyperJar you can send personalised messages and offers to your customers, through their Jars.

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Behavioural data

Access to anonymised behavioural data, segmentation and campaign performance analysis

Dynamic content creation

Reflect your marketing campaigns in HyperJar, or use it for specific messages, we're flexible

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