HyperJar lets your customers Spend Life Better

and builds a stronger long-term relationship with them.

The world's best digital account

HyperJar is building a community of users who can engage with a community of brands.

Everyday people and big and small brands tackling the new economy together.

Smart Money: the ultimate app for planning and spending well


Our customers love our features.


And our customers look like the UK - diverse across age, gender and geography!


People want to talk about HyperJar

Planning, not debt.  Socially inclusive and educational.

Relevant and topical.  Constantly evolving and ahead of the pack.

The HyperJar community delivers you unique value

Engage earlier in the marketing funnel.  Allow customers to save with you.

Multi-dimensional data proposition.  A pathway to deeper integration.

People shop where they save

When people are given the choice to save where they shop, they overwhelmingly tend to shop where they save.

The data is extraordinary.  You do better, they do better.  Happy customers, no regrets.

Join the innovators

It's so simple to become a partner, with no technology integration required and a simple contract.

It's also simple to leave.  We are confident this will work for you but if it doesn't we won't hold a grudge.

We're all about performance, no upfront fees and we work together to deliver results.

Join our movement.  We're at the beginning of our journey and we'd love you to come along.


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