Fees and Limits

In this table, we refer to money coming into a HyperJar account from a bank account as a 'load'.
We refer to money transferred from your HyperJar account back to a bank account as a 'transfer'.
Where money is moved between HyperJar accounts we call this an 'account to account transfer'.

Updated: 28th March 2024

Fees & Limits

This image contains a table of fees and charges. 1) Lost Card Fees = £5. New Kids Card Fees £4.99 2) Recall a transfer from HyperJar to your Bank Fee = £25 3) From 25/11/2023 when you load your HyperJar account with amounts less than £10 it will be free for the first time and then cost £0.50 each transfer thereafter. Loads of £10 or more remain free and unlimited. It also states that from 25/11/2023 you can have 4 Free transfers per month out of your HyperJar account (to your bank account). Thereafter 50p cost for each further transfer 4) Maximum Daily Load Amount = £5,000 5)Maximum Daily load by a 3rd party = £2500 6) Account to Account Transfer limit = £5,000 Daily 7) Maximum Daily Spend = £5,000 8) Maximum Account Balance = £10,000

* If transfers or loads are under 50p, the full amount will be deducted. For example, if you load 40p into your HyperJar account from a bank, you will be charged 40p.