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Only on HyperJar: the 4.8% Annual Growth Rate with our shopping partners

Our market-leading Annual Growth Rate is our version of "interest" and a good reason why it pays to plan with HyperJar. Earn 4.8% on advance payments towards our shopping partners and watch your money grow.

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Introducing Morton’s Family Farm: deliciousness delivered

Our new partner is one of the finest food producers in the UK.

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HyperJar Kids Cards to Challenge Pricey Pocket Money Apps

HyperJar Kids Card launch this week (thanks for your patience, people).

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Here we go.

HyperJar launches this week.

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Budgeting when you’re a carer

What are the added financial pressures when you care for someone with additional needs?

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Faster Payments are here

We heard you, people. Your most requested feature arrives today: Faster Payments.

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Hello, Apple Pay

HyperJar gets even smarter: add your HyperJar card to Apple Pay for faster, simpler and more secure payments.

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Ta-dah! New look HyperJar is here

The smartest and most sustainable way to manage your money just got even cleverer and better looking.

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Hive arrives on HyperJar

The smartest way to manage your home meets the smartest way to manage your money.

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