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Have total control over how you use your money.

Use Jars to plan and spend for the priorities, people and goals in your life. A smarter, more visual, intuitive account. Spend life better with HyperJar.

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How HyperJar Works

Open a free account and order
your HyperJar debit card

Sign up for a free HyperJar account and get sharing your Jars today. Your card will arrive in just days and you can use it to spend directly from Jars.

Organise your money around
You+ your life

You can have as many spending Jars as you like. What’s more, you can spend directly from a Jar when you link a Jar to your debit card. There’s no need to “move money about”.

Share Jars with your friends
& family

Shared Jars are like pop-up joint accounts – but without the faff! Share spending with friends & family by inviting them to join HyperJar.

Save Now, Buy Later with our partners and watch your money grow

HyperJar partners allow you to save where you shop – when you save with a HyperJar partner your money grows at 4.8%/annum currently. New partners and offers are being added all the time.

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Discover HyperJar

You+ your priorities and plans

With HyperJar, you get unlimited mini-accounts called Jars - all connected to one debit card. Use each Jar for a different part of your life - whether that's budgeting for groceries, saving towards a holiday or spending together with other people. You can spend directly from any of your Jars using the same card.

You+ your friends and family

Jars are social. Create pop-up joint accounts instantly with our unique Shared Jars. Everyone can pay in, plan, and spend together from the same Jar with as many people as you like. None of the hassle or complexity of a joint account at a bank. No more awkward bill-splitting, messy transfers, or arguments about whose round it is. Share just the parts of your financial life you want to.
Transparent and easy, whether for grocery bills, long-term saving, or just a night out with mates.

You+ your spending

Get paid to plan when you commit money to any of our partners like Virgin Wine, Tui, Shell, Dyson and many others including local and independent shops – you’ll see your spending power grow every day. Your money is also safe. Until you spend it it’s held securely at the Bank of England so you never need to worry about a shop’s financial statements!

You+ spending life better

We help you to plan ahead, rely less on credit, and grow your spending power. With HyperJar you’ll get better at putting money towards the things you want and need. After a while, when your money is going where your life is, you’ll feel calmer and happier.
Spend life better, with HyperJar.

HyperJar lets you plan with your favourite brands big and small.
Let us know who you'd love to join our community.


Apply for a HyperJar Kids Card

The best way to help young people from age 6+ learn the value of planning and smart spending is to let them try for themselves. HyperJar Kids debit card works with the adult app, allowing parents to manage their children's money in as many jars as they like, providing them a combination of financial literacy, discipline and independence. For kids 13+, your HyperJar card even works with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

pocket money card for Kids
Subscription fees for as many kids as you have
fees to load funds OR move money
FX fees when paying in other currencies

Your HyperJar money is safe


Freeze your card

Freeze your card instantly from the app. If you lose your phone – meaning you lose your card and access to the app – get in touch with Customer support via our website and we will lock your account until you’re back up and running.

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Bank-grade encrypted data

HyperJar uses bank grade 256-bit encryption to keep your data and money safe.

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Secure deposits

We work with digital payment specialists Modulr (Modulr Finance Limited) to protect and manage your money. It’s deposited in segregated accounts held directly at the Bank of England.

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