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HyperJar is changing the way students share

Make budgeting and bills a breeze with a HyperJar prepaid card. Leaving home for the first time can be daunting, but your finances don’t have to be. Manage your student loan, save up money from your part-time job, and take the stress out of splitting costs.


Share bills, send, spend & save up all for free

Unlike other prepaid cards, a HyperJar card is free — making it the perfect student companion. Whether you’re most concerned about budgeting, saving, or bill-splitting, the range of functions in the HyperJar app mean you can use it in a way that suits you.

Even if you’re just looking for a prepaid card in case you lose your debit card, want a back-up card, or need a zero fee card for taking abroad, HyperJar is the perfect solution.

Save yourself the stress of managing your finances, asking mates for money, and keeping track of spending from your student account. The HyperJar app makes student life that little bit easier.


Easily manage your money using our app

Use the HyperJar app to monitor your monthly spending and use designated Jars to save up for bigger purchases like holidays, festivals, and gig tickets. It’s easy to stay on track with your savings goals when you can separate your money. 

Save up for birthday presents or household bills in shared Jars with your friends or create your own savings Jars to meet personal goals.

You can also explore our partner offerings in the app and gain access to exclusive offers and rewards. From Megabus and Feelunique to Beer52 and, we’ve partnered with a wide range of companies to help your money go further.


The perfect companion to a student account

You might already be enjoying the benefits of having a student bank account. Use the HyperJar app and card in conjunction with your existing set-up to better manage your finances. 

You might want to add some savings to your HyperJar account and use this whenever you’re tempted to dip into your student overdraft. This feature will make it harder to overspend. Plus, you can use this extra money pot as an emergency fund for those unpredictable costs.

HyperJar is for STUDENTS and the best part is it’s FREE

Order a free HyperJar prepaid student card and also enjoy zero subscription fees and zero loading fees.Plus, if you’re travelling before going to uni or embarking on a year abroad, you’ll benefit from zero FX fees when paying in different currencies.

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Student Card FAQs


How much will my prepaid student card cost?

HyperJar prepaid student cards can be ordered free of charge. We don’t charge subscription fees or fees to transfer funds, either. Even if you’re travelling abroad and spending in different currencies, you’ll never need to pay FX fees.


How is this different from a student debit card?

A HyperJar prepaid is similar to a debit card, allowing you to spend money online or in shops and view your spending habits in our mobile app. However, it’s quicker to set up than a traditional bank account and provides you with more tools to manage your money. With HyperJar, you’ll be able to split bills or save in joint Jars with friends and family. Plus, you’ll be able to budget for all areas of your life with your own personal Jars. 


HyperJar is also great for students travelling abroad, as you won’t be charged extra fees when you spend in shops. The transaction value is calculated at the daily Mastercard rate. Plus, if your card gets lost or stolen, you can freeze it instantly through the app.


Just as with a debit card, funds are automatically deducted from your account as you spend. When you want to load more money onto your HyperJar card, you’ll need to transfer funds from your bank account. You can do this as frequently as you wish with no extra charge.


Can I transfer money back to my student account?

Yes. You can transfer back to your student account. You can choose whether to move money from your HyperJar Wallet, a personal Jar, or a shared Jar that you own. Transfers are only possible if your card is activated. You will not be charged for moving funds between your HyperJar account and a bank account.


Can I go overdrawn on a prepaid card?

No. A prepaid card needs to be loaded with funds from a bank account. Once the amount on the card has been spent, you cannot spend any more money. This prevents you from accidental overspending and becoming overdrawn, which can happen when using a debit card. HyperJar is a great option for those wanting to avoid the fees and interest charges that come with overspending.

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We help you to plan ahead,
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