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HyperJar is changing the way families manage, share, and save money

HyperJar is a great way for the whole family to manage their finances together. Parents can benefit from a joint account and save towards things like bills, groceries, and holidays in different Jars in the HyperJar app. At the same time, children and teens can get their own Kids Card and experience a little more financial independence.


Free prepaid family cards and app

Parents can top up their children’s prepaid cards with spending money, which they can then spend online and in shops. It’s a great way to help your kid learn about budgeting and saving, without the hassle of setting them up with a bank account. They have the opportunity to use their free prepaid card like a debit card, but you’ll be able to set spending limits. Plus, their spending is transparent, as you’ll be able to see their transactions in the HyperJar app. Never worry about them signing up for direct debits or spending into an overdraft again.


Share and spend from unlimited mini shared accounts

Unlike standard banks, HyperJar lets you set up unlimited mini accounts for collaborative saving and bill splitting. No matter how many members of your family want to use HyperJar, there is no limit to the number of shared accounts that can be used. Mums, grandads, aunties, siblings and cousins can all have an account. Sharing, saving, and transferring has never been easier.

Each family member will have their own prepaid card to spend online and in shops just like a debit card. However, you’ll all be able to save together or split costs in shared Jars in the HyperJar app. Create Jars for daily costs such as rent, petrol, and meals out — different family members can then split the cost or save towards these different items.

Shared Jars work like pop-up joint accounts for multiple people, but with none of the hassle or commitment. The owner of the Jar can control who can pay in, spend from, and see the Jar. You can even add handy notes and reminders for the family to see!


Family finances made easy

Family finances can get tricky, but HyperJar allows you to pay each other back, split bills, and create shared savings funds all at the touch of a button. Set spending limits unique to each savings Jar or member of the family. You can even send and request money by selecting individual family members and sending them a notification in the app.

What’s more, it’s quick to sign up. Just download the app and order your pre-paid cards. They’ll arrive in the post in just a few days.

Even if you’re not going to be splitting costs equally, HyperJar provides a platform for saving and cost-sharing that each family can use in a way that works for them.


A stress free alternative to a joint family account

HyperJar is different from normal banking. There’s no long, tedious set-up or any time-consuming checks.

Once verified, it’s quick and simple to create an account and even easier to manage your finances in our app. With the ability to set up as many different Jars as you please and the option to set spending limits, you’ll benefit from a platform that’s much more user friendly than your typical online banking app.

HyperJar is for FAMILIES – and the best part is it’s FREE

Both the Hyper prepaid card and app are completely free. That’s right, there are no subscription, sign-up, or bank transfer fees. Plus, if you’ll be spending abroad in other currencies, you won’t have to worry about FX fees.

There is no charge for extra accounts, and our Kids Pocket Money Card for under 16s is also free.

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Family Card FAQs


How much will my prepaid family cards cost?

HyperJar prepaid family cards can be ordered free of charge. There are no subscription fees and it never costs to transfer funds between your bank account and HyperJar account. 


Even if you travel abroad, you’ll never need to pay FX fees when paying in different currencies. This means you can spend in shops while on holiday, without worrying about paying a premium per transaction.


We make our money through working with our partner brands, which also allows us to give our customers exclusive deals and points when they shop. Win-win!


Is there a limit to the number of accounts we can create?

No. Unlimited mini shared accounts can be created for all the family. Whether you’re a family of three or twelve, HyperJar can bring everyone together to make family spending more collaborative.


Can I transfer money back to my current account?

Yes. It is possible to transfer money back to your current account. You can also choose whether you want to transfer funds from your wallet or a specific Jar. Transfers back to your current account are only possible when the card is activated. This should give you peace of mind that no transaction is final. You have the flexibility to move funds between your accounts as and when it suits you.


If you want to spend money online or in shops, you won’t need to transfer money back to your current account to do this. You can use your HyperJar card to purchase goods and services.


How Long will it take to receive the card?

After downloading the HyperJar app and ordering your free prepaid card, you can expect it to arrive as quickly as within two days. If you want to have your HyperJar prepaid card by a certain date (such as before a holiday abroad or before your child goes to university) we recommend ordering one as early as possible. It’s best to be on the safe side!

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