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HyperJar is changing the way teenagers manage their finances

Free, easy-to-use and simple to manage, a HyperJar prepaid card for teens is a great step towards financial freedom. If your teenager isn’t ready to open a bank account but wants a convenient way to spend independently, a prepaid card could be the perfect solution.


Best prepaid cards for teens

They’ll be able to spend their money online and in shops, just like you can with a debit card. Budgeting and saving towards goals is easy with the app, which lets them set up Jars for different parts of their life — like hobbies, summer holidays and weekend plans.

As parents, you’ll have ultimate control over your teen’s prepaid card. You’ll need to keep it topped up, but you can set limits on their spending and monitor their purchases. Plus, their HyperJar card will be linked to your account, so you can share Jars and save together.

Whatever stage your teen is at in their journey to financial independence, they can use their HyperJar card in a way that works for you and them. You can decide on a monthly allowance to load onto their card and discuss any limits on spending. They’ll enjoy having their own cash card to use when they’re out and about with friends. But they can also learn some budgeting skills along the way.


The UK’s only free prepaid card for teens & young adults

Unlike other prepaid cards, the HyperJar prepaid card is free to order and to use. There are no upfront costs or subscription fees. Instead, we make our money through our partner brands, which lets us give our card users fantastic discounts.


Easily view spending using our app

HyperJar is great for helping all the family split costs, save, and budget together. You can monitor monthly spending on your teen’s card and freeze it instantly if they lose it – all in the HyperJar app. If your teen has a smartphone, they’ll also be able to download the companion app. As you can both look at the card’s balance together, spending is transparent and learning is collaborative.


Learn how to manage finances

Learning about the world of personal finance can be a tricky part of growing up. And teens can’t be expected to know it all from the get-go! Kids need the opportunity to learn about spending and saving through independence — even if that means they make a few mistakes along the way. HyperJar helps teens become financially responsible, with limited risk.

With a HyperJar account, there are no overdrafts so they can’t get into debt. Plus, what you load onto their card is the amount they can spend. They can’t access your bank account or sign up to direct debits.

Whether your teen wants to save up for a new bike, a music festival ticket, or a few months travelling after school, the HyperJar app lets them tuck money away for exciting purchases. The best part? Your teen can convert to a full adult account once they turn 16, meaning they can take HyperJar to university, on a trip abroad, or wherever adult life takes them.

HyperJar is for TEENAGERS – and the best part is it’s FREE

Plus there are no subscription fees. Simply download the HyperJar app, order a card, and receive it in the post in a few days. Even if your teen travels abroad, they’ll benefit from zero FX fees. You won’t be charged for loading money from your bank account onto their card, either.

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Prepaid Card for Teens - FAQs


How much will my prepaid teenager bank card cost?

You can order a prepaid HyperJar card free of charge. The app is also free to download. You won’t be charged any subscription fees, now or later. Plus, it’s free to transfer funds.


How is this different from a debit card for teenagers?

HyperJar gives teenagers the same benefits as a debit card, but they don’t need to go to the effort of setting up a bank account. A prepaid HyperJar card is easy to set up and manage, with benefits like rewards and zero FX fees when spending abroad. Parents can use the app to transfer funds and control spending, while teens can use it to budget and save. Your teenager will be able to use their own prepaid card in shops, online and abroad, just like a debit card. However, they won’t be able to use it to withdraw cash from ATMs.


How Long will it take to receive the card?

We’ll send your card to you as soon as possible. You can expect to receive it as soon as two days after you place your order. If your card hasn’t arrived within 10 working days of ordering, please contact us via the Live Chat function in the app.


Why should I get a card for my teenager?

Unlike bank accounts, prepaid cards are easy and quick to set up. Your teen doesn’t need to apply for an account, wait for an appointment, or provide lots of personal details. While traditional bank accounts and debit cards work with mobile banking, your teen will be managing their money through our app. We created our app with parents in mind, so you’ll be able to monitor spending and set limits. Plus, unlike other prepaid card competitors, the HyperJar prepaid card and HyperJar Kids card are completely free.

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