Student Prepaid Cards with HyperJar.

HyperJar is the free prepaid money card for students that’s perfect for those at the start of their studies, as well as those already settled into courses.
Plus! Earn up to 2% cashback on your everyday spending
T&Cs apply.

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Spend directly from any Jar, so you’re always paying from the right budget.
Share Jars with friends or housemates to plan and pay for joint expenses, from bills to festivals.
Add to Apple Pay or Google Pay.
Zero fees for spending abroad.
Block spending with any retailer or service for added digital willpower.
Freeze and unfreeze your card instantly in the app.

What’s a HyperJar Prepaid Student Card?

College life comes with a load of new money challenges, from finding a rent deposit to stretching out a maintenance grant for a full term. The free HyperJar app and prepaid student card lets you organise your spending in mini-accounts - shown as Jars in the app - so you know exactly how much you’ve got for
every category. It’s a great way to learn essential budgeting skills without really noticing,
so you can get on with your studies and social life.

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Spend Uni life well!

What can I use a prepaid student card for?

Uni life.

Create Jars to budget for books, college clubs, as well as food and drink on campus. Link your HyperJar prepaid student card to any Jar to spend from it directly.

Social life.

Decide what you can spend in the week, month or term ahead for nights out or weekends away. Freeze your card instantly in the app if you lose it.

Planning ahead.

 If you’re looking to buy festival tickets, treat yourself to new trainers or start planning for a summer trip with friends, create a Jar for that - and start chipping in what you can, when you can.

Living costs.

Share any Jar with housemates so you can all chip in for bills or takeaways - see exactly who’s paid in and who spent.


Share a Jar with a parent, and they can send you instant top-ups.


Get special discounts, offers and cashback from a range of retailers, including Megabus, Primark, Pizza Express and Decathlon.

Travelling with your HyperJar card.

Any parent with a child at college will be familiar with the unexpected phone call, cheery small talk followed by a request for a bit of extra cash. HyperJar smooths out the process of sending top-ups - and you can even guarantee where the money you’ve handed over gets spent.

Send money to their HyperJar account from yours - it arrives instantly and they can spend straight away
Create a Jar and share it with your child - send money to the Jar and you’ll both get instant spend notifications (so you can keep on eye on where your money is going)
Restrict where the money you send them can be spent - you can create a Jar shared with them that can only be used in ASDA or with Uber, for example
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Frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost to order a prepaid student card?

HyperJar prepaid student cards are 100% free.

How is this different from a student debit card?

With prepaid cards, you can never go overdrawn or get into trouble with credit.

Can I transfer money back to my student debit account?

You can transfer money from your HyperJar account back to a bank account any time.

Can I go into an overdraft on a prepaid card?

No! It’s one of the great things about a prepaid card that you can’t get into debt and no one is trying to ‘sell you’ an overdraft or credit product.