Joint Prepaid Cards with HyperJar.

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Share expenses and save up together with HyperJar
prepaid cards for couples and friends. 

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Both download the free HyperJar app and order your own prepaid cards
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Organise joint finances from a single app
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Both pay in and spend from shared Jars
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No credit checks or impact on your credit score
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Freeze and unfreeze cards instantly in the app
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Get cashback with loved brands

What’s a HyperJar joint prepaid card?

HyperJar is the perfect way to save up and pay together for the things you share - while keeping your own expenses separate.

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How does a joint card work?

HyperJar is a brilliant way to manage shared spending. To see what you’ve both got to contribute and where it’s going. To pay for joint bills, plan for a rainy day and create savings goals for the fun stuff, like holidays. All at the tap of a button in a beautifully designed app.

Sign up.

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Download and order your card. It usually arrives in a few days

Load funds.

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Add money from a bank to your new HyperJar account

Create Jars.

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Create Jars that fit your family life. A Groceries Jar shared with your partner. Another for clothes, utility bills or nights out. And then some you share with the kids, from Pocket Money to Roblox, Skateboard or College Fund

Once you’ve done the basics you can start exploring more of HyperJar’s super-smart features. Like setting up scheduled payments between jars, so you know those regular subscriptions are always covered. Or restricting the places where money in your account can be spent.

You’ll see instant spend notifications every time money is spent from a shared family Jar - so you can keep tabs on exactly what’s coming and going out, and who’s spending.

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 A prepaid joint card prepares you for everything

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Managing everyday finances.

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When you start living with another person - whether that's a partner or a friend - it’s important to agree how you’re doing to deal with finances.

Which things are going to be shared expenses? Are you going to pool your takeaway budget? Who’s in charge of bills admin?

When you’ve decided who’s responsible for what, HyperJar makes the rest easy. Both pay in to a shared Jar, and either of you can spend from it when you link your prepaid HyperJar cards

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Transferring money between you and your partner.

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Once you both have the HyperJar app, moving money into shared Jars and between accounts is instant and effortless. Load your account anytime from the app and then divide the money between Jars however you like, or pay back your partner for money owed.

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Saving up for those big life moments.

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Saving for a deposit?  A baby on the way? Orsaving for the holiday of a lifetime? Science says that naming your goals makes it more likely you’ll achieve them, and HyperJar is the perfect way to bring this to life with a partner.

Create a Jar, give it a name and set a goal for the amount you’re planning to save up. Decide how much you’ll both pay into it each week or month - you can set up recurring payments inside the app. Send each other motivating messages inside the Jar (or even just a nudge to add what they owe) and see a complete list of who’s paid in, how much and when.

It feels so good to save now and buy later.

And the best part - it’s free!

There are no fees with HyperJar. You won’t even be charged when you spend abroad.

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Frequently asked questions.

How is a joint prepaid card different from a joint bank account?

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A joint bank account is a formal way to combine your finances. It is an admin-heavy process and usually links your credit scores, which is something to watch out for if your partner has had money problems in the past. HyperJar is an instant, informal alternative. You can create shared Jars in seconds, and close them just as fast when they’re no longer needed.

Do we both need to be verified?

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You both need a separate HyperJar account, which take a couple of minutes to sign-up to, and there are no credit checks when you apply.

Can we use a joint prepaid card as a savings account?

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HyperJar is a brilliant way to share everyday and longer-term joint expenses, from streaming services to planning a holiday. We’re not a bank and don’t offer interest on savings, although you can increase your spending power with a 4.8% ‘annual growth rate’ on money committed to our partners like TUI, Shell and Virgin Wines.

Can my partner and I use the card abroad?

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Yes! If you’ve been sharing a holiday savings Jar, you can both spend from it when you link your cards to it once you arrive. And with HyperJar there are zero fees added for spending in another currency and we pass on Mastercard’s best FX rates to you directly