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HyperJar is changing the way couples manage their finances

HyperJar is a great alternative to a shared bank account. Both you and your partner can use one of our free prepaid cards to use online and in shops. Then, in the HyperJar app, you’ll be able to create shared Jars to share costs and save towards goals together.


Free Joint Prepaid Cards

As each of you will have your own card and app connected to your personal bank accounts, you can also use your HyperJar cards to spend and save money independently. With HyperJar, you’re free to choose what to split costs on and what to purchase yourselves.


A flexible alternative to joint accounts

If you were considering opening a shared bank account with your partner, HyperJar is a fantastic alternative. Simple, flexible, and easy to use, HyperJar gives you all the benefits of a shared account without the hassle of setting one up. 

You and your partner can use your account to manage your monthly finances. Whether you want to split bills, rent, holiday costs, or just the groceries, the HyperJar app makes joint finances a breeze. No one likes to argue about money or spend too much time counting every penny you and your partner owe one another. HyperJar takes the stress out of splitting costs and keeping track of your joint savings.


A shared card for big life plans!

Every couple is different — and so is everyone’s financial situation. HyperJar was created to make saving and sharing costs easy for all, however you and your partner want to manage your money. Whether your aim is to make the spending in your relationship as equal as possible or you just want an easy way to see your joint savings progress, it’s all possible with the HyperJar prepaid card and app. Looking for that first house purchase? Saving for the arrival of a little one? Jars are the perfect way to reach your savings goals, together!

HyperJar is for COUPLES – and the best part is it’s completely FREE

Benefit from zero subscription frees, a free prepaid card, and our free budgeting app. Plus, if you go abroad you won’t need to pay FX fees when paying in other currencies.

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Joint Card FAQs


How do shared prepaid cards work?

You will need to top up your prepaid card from your bank account. You’ll then be able to spend the money on your prepaid card online and in shops, with no extra fees. You’ll never be able to spend more than the amount on your card, helping you to your limit spending. 


Whenever you want to add money to your card, you can simply transfer your chosen amount from your bank account. The money will be loaded onto your HyperJar account instantly. Your deposits will always be secure in your HyperJar account. We work with digital payment specialists to protect and manage your money, which is deposited directly at the Bank of England.


Can I use this joint prepaid card as a savings account?

Absolutely. The HyperJar app is designed to make saving together as easy as possible. Both partners will have their own prepaid card for spending out and about or online — just like a debit card. But you’ll also be able to save together in shared Jars in the app. 


HyperJar is perfect for tackling your finances collaboratively, giving you the ability to save towards your goals together. If you want to use your prepaid card as a savings account, you can create separate Jars for different areas of your life — your first house, perhaps, or travelling the world. Maybe even your wedding. You can both add money to these savings Jars, setting it aside until the time comes to use it.


How is this different to a joint bank account?

HyperJar is a quicker, easier way to manage finances than setting up a joint bank account for couples. You don’t need to spend time going to your bank and providing lots of personal information. Instead of having a bank account, you can transfer money from your individual accounts to your HyperJar ones. Plus, HyperJar gives you the benefits of a joint bank account, but with additional budgeting and organisational tools available in the HyperJar app. Your money is still held at the Bank of England, meaning it is just as safe and secure as it would be in a traditional bank account.


Do we both need to be verified?

Yes. If opening a joint prepaid card, both people will need to be verified. The verification process can take up to 72 hours and sometimes longer depending on weekends and bank holidays.

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