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4.5 ★ on iOS

3.9 ★ on Android

4.4 ★ on TrustPilot

★★★★★ "This app is awesome!! Exactly what I need to manage my money properly, that card looks amazing and the idea is great. 100% recommended." -- Toxeek, 29 October
★★★★★ "Perfect for moving money to friends and family and also as a budgeting/savings tool for bigger purchases." -- Windystig, 27 November
★★★★★ "Am really happy and glad i found HyperJar, got my card and 2 cards for my kids free, unlike others that charge for cards and even monthly maintenance, wow!!!" - Winifred Asiri, 17 December

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A wonderful company to interact with

After an incident where my daughter lost her Kid's card and had it used fraudulently, HyperJar were very understanding and dealt with it as human beings rather than robot. Handled effectively and efficiently. Thank you!

-- Ellie

This is an easy way to budget & save

The app is very easy to use and the customer service is excellent! Using HyperJar has really helped over the last few months!

-- Wendy

I ordered an adults card and two children's cards

The app is well designed, the children's cards are linked up to your app and are called jars. Your wallet is your main card balance and you can transfer funds to jars (children's cards) from your wallet in an instant. You also have an option to create personal jars, such as saving money for holidays or anything such as saving for a rainy day. How is there Customer service you may ask? Well where other providers fail, HyperJar, certainly excels! Friendly, informative and helpful! I am sure we can all agree it's been a tough year for everyone, it hasn't given the children much to smile about this year, but when the children received their cards, not only it gave them some independence, but teaches them how to handle money. You also get instant notifications when they use the card! Some retailers state card payments only, the cards are contactless, and watching the children smile again when using their own cards, is simply priceless! Thank you HyperJar

-- Ronnie

Great for flowers, cars and shopping

Had an excellent experience with this card, used to use it for Lidl, still use it to save money and help me pay for my visits to Shell Garages as well as the odd Bloom & Wild purchase. Overall - love it

-- Matthew

Delighted with their high standards of customer service…

No complaints whatsoever

-- Barry

Great concept, app & customer service

To say they are pretty new to the game they are nailing it with app experience and customer experience who listen to their customers. Keep it up!

-- Paul

Great service from these guys

Great service from these guys. Got cards for my children so I can give them pocket money. Would recommend without hesitation

-- Trish

Been with HyperJar for almost a year…

No problems at all. Today I lost my card and contacted them through their Live Chat spoke to Jenna who took me through security and sorted everything out for me. Great customer service.

-- Debbie

Love having the HyperJar

It is a great idea having jars and they have now released a kids card linked to the adult account have had a few issues with information on the kids card HyperJar have been great through out communication has been great

-- Paul

Get one of these cards today

Great solution for keeping all your money compartmentalised, can be used with Google pay etc, and best of all, it's free!

-- Baha

Excellence in Customer service

I want to praise the whole customer support team at Hyperjar for their patience, compassion and attentiveness while sorting out a payment issue for me which was dealt with great care.

I want to give a special shoutout to Salvotore, Mike, Alison, Sam and Jay from the customer support team for their great help while dealing this issue for me! Every time i contacted Customer support i was seen with in a matter of under a minute! Something all these high street banks can definitely learn from.

The customer support team is a great asset to HyperJar, i am very thankful for these guys.

-- Brianna

The answer to my money probs :)

I've had an absolutely lovely experience HyperJar. I use to only hold just a checking and saving account. With HyperJar I have been able to budget my monthly paycheques into different Jars and actually understand where all of my money goes! It has made me much more aware and organised. Not to mention, the 4.8% growth rate is definitely a bang for your buck. I travel a lot, there's no fees to use my card abroad unlike my bank. The signup process is free and easy. When I have spoken to the staff they have always been really responsive and helpful. I will definitely recommend you guys!

-- sc74

Love the concept

You can plan your spending, your savings and be pretty much in control of everything. So easy to send and receive money. The sharing pots are ideal to share the cost of nights out with friends, or using for shopping with your family. Absolutely love it!

-- Nick

The first genuinely revolutionary finance app

This app has been life-changing. Finally it's possible to properly budget for a household sharing finances. I've needed this for years! There are a handful of things that could improve - but there's a small friendly team who know this, who listen, and who are working on improvements. When I signed up earlier this year it didn't work with Apple Pay for instance, and now it does. It's already brilliant but getting better all the time. Completely brilliant.

-- Rosina

AMAZING for group spending

Really great for sharing group spending. It’s been a game changer on my family food shopping.

-- Scaramouche

Great little card

Great little card, love using it to store my fuel money on, would like more groups like Lidl to work with it

-- Shane

Loving this app

I’ve been using this app for a while and really like it. Enjoying having a deeper view of my spending habits with their analytics. Shared jars are great for a night out. No more worrying who’s round it is at the bar. They have even managed to get me to save up for something which doesn’t happen very often!

-- Paul


Slick and useful

-- Tamesha

Useful, easy to use and a great way to budget

-- Garry

Super idea, super app

I’m finding the app easy to use, customer friendly and would highly recommend. Love the idea of jars as can see where and what my savings are going on.

-- Sophie

5 stars

Very good app and way to manage your money. Their customer service is fantastic.

-- Saairez

Great App!

Set-up was seamless and I am enjoying the visualisation of organising my finances using Jars.

-- Viktor

Saved us from so many arguments

Saved me and friends from so many arguments about who paid for what and general IOU hassle. Group Jars are genius. Also quite nice to see your money growing when you prepay to shops like shell. I’ve never seen that before.

-- Jen

A great budgeting app

A great budgeting app for your day to day spending or long term saving. Not tried the shared jars yet but they sound very useful for someone with a family or flat sharers.

-- Giuseppe

Love it

Love the concept, you can plan your spending, your savings and be pretty much in control of everything. So easy to send and receiving money. The sharing pots are ideally to share the cost on nights out with friends, or using for shopping with your family. Cherry on top of the Cake the "rewards" in cash you get when you leave your money in the Lidl pot for example, much higher then anywhere else. Absolutely love it.

-- Brianna

HyperJar is such an exciting app

I love creating my savings jars and watching the money grow. I have jars for each of my kids too so when they help out at home I add spending money to their jars. Saving has become slightly addictive now, and that’s a good thing!!

-- Winifred

Great in its Simplicity :)

I joined HyperJar because I am bad with money and did not want to end up in debt (or worse). The app really helped me to plan and manage my spendings. Now I can see where my money is going and how to save those pennies for future plans. The customer service were very helpful when, at first, I had some issues with the signing in process. They replied promptly and made me feel like they cared about my problem. That made me put more trust on the company (if I have future issues they will be there to help me out) Thanks HyperJar team, I hope to see Tescos as one of your partners soon! :)

-- Rosey

A Great App

I love the idea of having separate jars. I use HyperJar to save for all my annual and one-off expenses. I also use the Lidl jar and get a bit of interest on it. I like the app as well as having a physical card, and I seem to be in better control of my money.

-- Ronnie

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