Dyson Terms and Conditions


By making an advance payment to DYSON in relation to this offer you agree to these legal terms (‘Terms’) applying between you and Dyson and that English law and courts will apply. A separate contract between you and Dyson is created for each advance payment you make to Dyson (and the rewards that are related to that advance payment)These Terms are made in the English language. Please read these Terms carefully and get in contact if anything is unclear.  


2.1 Dyson company information. dyson Technology Limiteda company registered in England and Wales with its registered office at Tetbury Hill, Malmesbury, Wiltshire SN16 0RP and company number 01959090. 

2.2 How to Get in contactIf you have any questions on this offer you can contact Dyson by emailing dyson@hyperjar.com 


Dyson uses HyperJar to display offers in the HyperJar App and to act as Dyson’s agent to manage the collectionholdingprocessing and settlement of your advance payments to Dyson and the redemptions and payments you make to Dyson using your HyperJar payment card at https://www.dyson.co.uk/en.html or the Dyson Oxford Street store (subject to the restrictions as outlined further in Section 7 below). 


Dyson is the promoter and operator of this offer.  

Dyson has sole responsibility for: 

  • the offer 
  • these terms and conditions 
  • honouring the advance payments you make (and the redemption of any related rewards) by allowing you to use your HyperJar payment card to purchase goods and services from Dyson locations (subject to the restrictions stated in Section 7 below) and online at http://www.dyson.co.uk 
  • any goods and services Dyson provide to you.  

If an offer includes any pricing information, any prices stated will clearly specify all applicable taxes, duties and delivery charges that may apply. 


Participation in the offer is only open to Hyperjar accountholders that hold a current HyperJar payment card.  

Dyson reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time, and to decline to accept any further advanced payments from you once the offer has been withdrawn. 


Dyson impose limits on the offers they promote via HyperJar. These are shown when you make an advance payment. The limits specified have the following meanings:  

  • Minimum Advance Payment Amount: this is the minimum value of a single advance payment that you can make into your jar. Your advance payment must be equal to or higher than this value.  
  • Maximum Total Amount: this is the maximum amount of advance payment you can have in your jar at any one time. You will need to redeem some of your balance before you can make any further advance payments into your jar. 


Due to technical limitations you can only spend (redeem) the advance payments you have made to Dyson (or any related rewards) in the locations stated belowIf you choose to pay for any goods or services in any other locations using your HyperJar cardthe payments will be taken from your active electronic money jar in your HyperJar account and NOT from your Dyson jar. 


When you spend (redeem) your advance payments and any related rewards (a “Redemption”) the rewards you have earned will be used first, followed by the advance payment amount you have paid and then, if enabled by you, funds from your active electronic money jar in your HyperJar account. 

If a full or partial refund is made of any such Redemption, the order will be reversed so that your electronic money used (if any) will be credited first, followed by the advance payment, and finally the reward element. 

You must have a HyperJar account and payment card to spend (redeem) your advance payments and any related rewards. If you want to close your Dyson jar, you must spend (redeem) your advanced payments and any accrued rewards. 


Should you have any problems with the goods or services you receive when you redeem your advance payments, or pay for, using your HyperJar card, Dyson standard returns policy will apply. This can be found at: 



If you choose to share any of your personal data with Dyson you need to be aware of Dyson’s privacy policy as this explains how your Personal Data is stored, used and shared and how you can control and delete it. You can find the Dyson privacy policy at: