Ta-dah! New look HyperJar is here

Here's how we've updated the app to give you more and better options for managing your money. 

Your new look app

This week sees HyperJar's biggest update since we first arrived in the app stores.

We listened to your feedback and have given you more options to manage money prepaid to our partners. Our aim is to keep making it easier and more rewarding for you to plan ahead, reach your goals and keep out of debt. To feel more in control and less stressed.

Changing the way things look and work takes a bit of getting used to, we know. But every time you get in touch with a niggle, question or suggestion you're helping us to build a better app. So please let us know what you think.

When Two Become One...

We've streamlined Jars, from two options to one. That's because you can now mix cash with money prepaid to our merchants inside any Jar. If you had a Merchant Jar before, you'll see it on your Home screen with the merchant's name on it.

Your prepaid money is still inside, still growing. Just like before.

Introducing HMoney

HMoney is the new name for money prepaid to our partners. You'll see the little H logo on your Jars with HMoney inside.

New icons

As well as the little H, you'll see a couple of other new icons on your Jars. They're a quick way to see whether the Jar is shared or linked to your HyperJar card.

That's not all, folks

There's a lot to look at in this update and even more new features are on their way. Like faster payments (bank transfers into HyperJar will soon arrive instantly - we heard you), the new free Kids Card, more automated spending with retailers and some clever budgeting tools.