Hive arrives on HyperJar

The brilliant smart home brand Hive, part of British Gas, helps you improve security, cut energy waste and save money. 

We'll be honest. Before partnering with Hive we hadn't realised quite how easy it is to make a dumb home smart. We've scoped their range for five ways to get going.

1. Baby steps.  A Hive Home Starter Pack includes the hub, a couple of bulbs, a smart plug and a sensor.  Everything you need to start on the road to smart.

2.  Lighting.  The Hive range of dimmable, colour-changing, spot and LED bulbs is, er, illuminating. Control them via the app to change the mood when you're in, or when you're out, set lights to come on automatically so it looks like someone's home.

3.  Security. Mix and match interior and exterior Hive View cameras with smart lighting and sensors, depending on the level of security you're after.  Anyone with an NHS email address can currently get 40% off the price of an indoor camera. 

4. Heating. Dip a chilly toe into the world of smart heating with Hive's radiator valves and control the heating in individual rooms. Or go all in with Hive's Active Heating System (and get a free Amazon Echo Dot at the time of writing).

5. Appliances. Give your ordinary sockets a PhD with Hive Active Plugs. They work like adaptors: put them in your sockets first, then plug your appliances in. Control everything from lamps to kettles via the app, and never worry about leaving the iron or hair straighteners on again.

Talking of smart power. Every pound you prepay to Hive on HyperJar gets a 4.8% Annual Growth Rate - so your spending power grows every day until you're ready to order.

The smartest way to manage your home meets the smartest way to manage your money.