Here we go.

HyperJar makes its public launch this week.

HyperJar is an idea five years in the coming together, from its origins in working capital markets, to what it is now: one of the smartest pieces of retail-tech in the world. We’ve been in soft launch for a year, with 6000 early customers; learning and improving. We believe we’re at the start of a wholesale re-invention of how people manage money. One in which the retail sector steps in where banks are failing. From a debt-based model, to a savings-based model.  The implications are huge for any business serious not only about their own long term, sustainable growth, but also about helping the UK ‘build back better.’

Back to the Future

At its heart, HyperJar is a digital rendering of an old-fashioned idea: jam jar budgeting.

Imagine glass jars on a kitchen table.  Each has money inside, and is labelled. ‘Food’, ‘Travel’, ‘Nights out’. A HyperJar account lets you divide your money like this in the app, according to how you want to spend it. Every Jar is a fully functioning mini-account that you can spend from directly with the same card. You might have seen some approximations of this in Monzo or Starling; HyperJar takes things much further. A smarter, more intuitive and visual digital wallet, where money is organized uniquely around your life. And any Jar can be shared between multiple people, creating instant joint accounts for couples or groups, in minutes. A visual operating system for your financial plans and relationships.

Hypothecation marketing

The magic comes when retailers and other businesses sit inside this ecosystem. Guess what? People are very happy to ‘shop where they save’, especially if their spending power is growing at rates far above bank interest rates can offer. HyperJar allows customers to commit money in advance to partners for future spending, in return for an annual growth rate on their spend with that business. It was important that there be no technical integration or training for our partners – it’s all run on Mastercard rails. The app does all the hard work.

It’s a two-way exchange of commitment. Planning and growth, not borrowing and debt. ‘Money on’, not money off. Point of intent, not point of sale. Pay now, buy later, feel better. Invest in your shopping. Forward-thinking money.

And it works

Our data from the last 12 months is remarkable. Put simply, committed money takes spend out of the market. As a marketer, you’re talking to a customer at the top of the funnel – where it’s calmer, more spacious, and much less crowded, or expensive. The mental availability is unbeatable. And you’re helping people plan better.

We believe we’re at the start of something very new and different. An inclusive, win-win model with retail and technology at its heart. Our goal is to change the way the world thinks and feels about money. Here we go.