Getting started: Downloading HyperJar

We think you’re going to love HyperJar. Before we tell you why, you should know that we’re pretty keen on Jars. When you start using the app you’ll see how to plan, share and spend your money with Jars. How money can grow in Jars, be saved in Jars, how to create them, name them and link them to your HyperJar Mastercard.

Hooray, we're live and available in the iOS App Store. Do you know how to get the free mobile app?

You need to be over 18, a UK resident and have a UK bank account. If that’s you, great. Head to the App Store and search for HyperJar - we look like this:

Download HyperJar


Once the app has downloaded you’ll see some information screens and then the quick sign-up and security process starts. It should take around 2 minutes to complete.

You’ll be asked for your mobile number, so we can send you a security code by text. Next, enter your email address and verify it via the link that arrives in your inbox. Once you’re in you'll be prompted to create a passcode for the app (and given options to use Touch ID or Face ID.) These features protect your information and mean that only you can access your account.

Now give us your full legal name (as it appears in your passport), your home address and finally your preferred name – in case you'd like to be called by something shorter or friendlier than your full first name. And you’re done. All signed up. You’ll be prompted to order your card, which takes around a week to arrive.

If there’s a problem with any of these stages, you should see pop-up messages to guide you through what to do next. Or, if you get stuck, start a chat conversation here on the website or email the HyperJar team at

While your card is on its way you can transfer money from your bank to your HyperJar account and start planning, setting goals and sharing Jars. Click here to read some explainers, quick-start tips and how to get the most out of your first few weeks on the HyperJar app.

Get HyperJar for iOS and Android