Big on Quality, Lidl on Price

Smart shopping just got smarter, on HyperJar.

Lidl have been one of the great innovators and success stories of the UK supermarket sector in the last few years.

They’ve achieved this by working closely – and inventively - with suppliers to minimise cost, and deliver great products.

They're well known for the surprises you might find in their non-food aisle (‘Middle of Lidl’) – everything from home essentials to tech and clothing. Gems like the Silvercrest 4K waterproof camera, which at £69.99 undercuts the GoPro Hero 7 by over £200, while offering similar specs.

They’ve shaken up categories like high-end beauty with their widely loved Cien Cellular Beauty cream range, and have developed a reputation for a great drinks offering.

They’ve showcased great regional UK beers at unbeatable prices; sourced wines from less well-known but excellent producers in places like Hungary, and made 90-point Burgundies available for less than a tenner.  Their Queen Margot 8 Year-Old and Glen Alba 22 Year Old beat much more celebrated - and expensive – Scotches in their categories at the World Whiskies Awards.

Lidl now have over 760 UK stores, with plans for more city centre shops. That includes 40 more across London in the next five years, making affordable groceries more accessible in an expensive city dotted with over-priced convenience stores. Maybe you’re just bored of cronuts and want to pop in for a Lidl croll (croissant-roll) for 49p.

We love Lidl’s spirit of innovation and customer-first approach, and we’re thrilled to welcome them as our first grocery partner on HyperJar.

You can now plan your Lidl shopping alongside your personal finances. Track your spending, pick up awards and offers, and allocate money in your Lidl Jar.

You get an inflation-beating 4.8% growth rate when you lock in money you know you'll want to spend at Lidl.

Big on quality, even Lidl-er on prices. Put your money where your life is, with HyperJar.