The Annual Growth Rate

What is the Annual Growth Rate (AGR)?

It’s not exactly spoiler alert time to point out that most of us earn less than not-very-much on our current accounts and savings. Which is why the AGR is such a stand-out feature in the app.

Buy HMoney in the app's Offer section and you start supercharging your money straight away. The 4.8% AGR is a reward given by our brand partners for making advance payments to spend with them in the future.

A commitment exchange

The AGR is a bit like the interest rate paid by banks, but we call it a growth rate because the money can’t be turned into cash.

Each time you buy HMoney your spending power with the partner brand increases by a rate of 4.8% per annum, calculated and applied on a daily basis (you'll see it added each time the growth reaches 10p).

You can transfer or gift this Hmoney to other HyperJar members if you wish.

HMoney must be spent with the respective brand but there's no time limit. That's it.

It's a pleasingly old-fashioned concept, wrapped up in a high-tech environment: you lock-in your loyalty to a business and they commit to the 4.8% AGR.

It works like this

Here's an example of the AGR in action. If you buy £300 of HMoney with an AGR of 4.8%, at the end of that day your Jar will have grown by 4p to £300.04: £300 x 4.8% = 4p/365 (days). Let's say you put another £150 in to the same Jar the next day, your balance is now £450 and you'll receive 6p for every day it stays at that level (up to 12 months), worked out in the same way: £450 x 4.8%/365 days. You get paid the 4.8% on the balance of what you have paid in, but not on the growth.

Your reward, paid daily, on money you know you want to spend

Another advantage of buying HM0ney is that it's a great way to plan your budget. If you own a car, you'll always need fuel. When you plan ahead with a Shell Jar you're just making the money you'd already be spending work harder for you. This captures one of our ambitions for the HyperJar community: to wake up the thousands of pounds sleepwalking through our lives, often going to the same places, and put it to work.

Allocate and grow spending power

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