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HyperJar is changing the way holiday-makers manage their finances

HyperJar is a free prepaid card and money app for everyone. Whether you’re going on a short break or travelling the world, HyperJar can help you better manage your finances. Load your card with funds directly from your bank account and use your card abroad — with no fees. It really is as simple as that.


Prepaid Travel Cards

And in the unfortunate event that you lose your card? Freeze your card instantly from the app. Stolen or lost bank cards can be a nightmare — especially if you’re abroad and need to contact your bank at home. HyperJar takes the stress out of overseas spending. Leave your bank card in a safe place and take your HyperJar prepaid card around town. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your finances are secure even if your prepaid card goes missing.


Share your expenses with your fellow travellers

Budgeting and paying back mates isn’t something you want to think about during your adventure of a lifetime. HyperJar makes it easy to live in the moment by providing an effortless way to split costs with friends. 

Our prepaid travel cards are designed to work with our cost-sharing app, which lets you transfer money with ease and contribute to shared savings Jars with your friends. It’s an easy way to plan together and relieve the stress of paying each other back for trips, travel and meals.


Plan your finances using our app and stay in control of your spending limits

Using a HyperJar prepaid card can also help you organise your travel money. If you’re backpacking through multiple countries and need your budget to stretch over a few months, our app can help you stay in control of your spending. Set up a different savings Jar for each country and never run out of money early. It’s easier to stay on track when you can see a comprehensive breakdown of your spending in-app.


Travel money card for holidays

A HyperJar prepaid card is a great option if you’re looking to pay zero FX fees when paying in different currencies. What’s more, it’s a low-risk, freezable card so you don’t need to panic if you lose it. 

Even if you’re just going on holiday for a week, our card-compatible app can help you budget for your travel, meals out and day trips. You can create different savings Jars for each part of your trip. Plus, there’s the option to create shared Jars with family and friends if they also use HyperJar.

HyperJar is for TRAVELLING – and the best part is it’s FREE

Why do jet-setters and globe-trotters rely on HyperJar? We offer zero FX fees when paying in different currencies. There are also zero subscription fees and zero fees to load or move money. While your bank will likely charge you a 1 – 3% transaction fee every time you use your debit or credit card, spending with your HyperJar card doesn’t cost you a penny. You’ll never need to plan spending around minimising your transaction costs, leaving you free as a bird to explore your new surroundings.

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Prepaid Money Card FAQs


How do prepaid travel cards work?

You can load funds directly from your main bank account onto your HyperJar holiday card. It’s free to load or move funds, even when you’re abroad.

You’ll then be able to see your balance on your HyperJar mobile app and create savings Jars to budget your funds. And, most importantly, you can spend your money on goods and services. Your HyperJar prepaid card is free to use and you’ll benefit from zero FX fees when paying in different currencies.

If you lose your card or think it has been stolen, you can freeze your card instantly on your app. Your funds will be safe and no one will have access to your main bank account.


How long will it take to receive my card?

We know you might have a tight deadline to receive your card if you’re travelling soon! We’ll send your card to you as soon as possible, but our they often arrive within two days. If you haven’t received your card within 10 working days after ordering, please contact us via the Live Chat function in the app. It’s always best to order well in advance of your trip to ensure you receive it in good time.


Which countries am I able to use it in?

Your HyperJar travel card will work anywhere that Mastercard is accepted. More than 210 countries and territories use Mastercard, so you’re unlikely to have any issues. To use your HyperJar card outside of the UK:

1. Tap on your Account screen
2. Enable Spend abroad
3. Link either your HyperJar Wallet or a Jar to the card and use it just as you would any other Mastercard

Your HyperJar prepaid card isn’t just for spending abroad, however. You’ll be able to use it in the UK once you’re back from your trip.


Can I use my travel card at an ATM?

No, it is not possible to make ATM withdrawals with a HyperJar card. It is also not possible to withdraw money at a Bureau de change. You can use your HyperJar card to pay for goods and services in shops and online. (Your transaction value is calculated at the MasterCard daily rate).

Unlike using a debit or credit card when abroad, you won’t pay for the privilege of making individual in-store transactions, giving you the freedom to spend when you please. This should also reduce the need to carry cash. You can check your balance at any time in the app, just like online banking.

Have a few more questions? See our general FAQs.

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