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The easy-to-use app makes managing your money simple, so you can spend, share and save with HyperJar.

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Redeeming your Reward

– Download the HyperJar app onto your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play.

– Next, you’ll need to complete a quick onboarding process to create your account.

– Your £10 reward with MyProtein will be automatically loaded onto your account. To spend the reward, you need to order your HyperJar Mastercard.

– Once you’ve received your card and activated it, you’re ready to spend!

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HyperJar works alongside your main bank account to make managing your money easy.

– Set up customised Jars so you can fully personalise how you manage your money.
– Split your cash into whatever you spend your money on like food, yoga class, or a gym membership.
– Spend directly from different Jars, so it’s easy to track where your money is going and how much you have left.


Set up a Shared Jar with your friends and family to make splitting costs simple.

– A Shared Jar works like a pop-up joint account, with none of the hassle or commitment.
– They’re great for sharing costs, like if you and a group of friends want to do a big MyProtein order to access their discounts.
– You can set the Shared Jar permissions for other people: only allow pay in, allow unlimited spending, or set spending with a limit.
– Once you’re all set, you can spend from the Shared Jar directly using your HyperJar card.


You can save on the best brands and product deals with a couple of taps.

– You can allocate money to spend with one of our brand partners – like MyProtein – and earn 4.8% Annual Growth Rate (AGR) on your cash.
– This means if you set aside your MyProtein money ahead of time, by the time you come round to spend it you’ll have more spending power.
– You can earn 4.8% AGR on other brand partners, like Shell, TUI and Beer52.

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