Shell rewards a 4.8% Annual Growth Rate

on money allocated to Shell fuel Jars in the HyperJar app

Shell and HyperJar

HyperJar has partnered with Shell to reward all money committed to Shell with a 4.8% Annual Growth Rate.

What does this mean for you? Your money allocated to fuel and essentials are now growing above the inflation rate, meaning you can get more for your money, whilst helping you track your spending.

What is a Shell Jar?

HyperJar is the personal finance app and prepaid card that helps you get ahead of your money by setting visual budgets and spending directly from them.

The HyperJar app allows you to have a running balance of committed spending at Shell shops and services in return for a 4.8% Annual Growth Rate. Share the balance with someone else or send it as a gift.

Racking up the miles? Forever filling up? Set goals, grow your spending power and stay up to date with the latest Shell rewards and offers with a Shell Jar.  

The gift of freedom

Know someone learning to drive? A Shell Jar is the perfect 'just passed' gift.

Simply create a Shell Jar, add your funds, select a contact in your phone and send them the Jar whether they already have a HyperJar account or not, they can sign up and access their fuel freedom.

Allocate money to Shell and grow at 4.8%

  • Growth rate: 4.8%
  • AGR duration: 365 days per deposit
  • Deposit limit: £1000
  • Terms & Conditions

More than one car in your family? Lift share with a friend? Sharing your Shell  Jar is super easy and lets you manage and spend your Shell balance with ease. No more IOUs or payment reminders. 

Shell rewards you with HyperJar on everything from food to fuel

Shell has over a thousand petrol stations throughout the UK, so you’ll always find a Shell near you, wherever you are. 

At Shell, they’re always challenging themselves to give the best. That’s why together with Ferrari, they developed Shell V-Power. Wherever your journey takes you, go with Britain’s No. 1 performance fuel.

Together with Jamie, Shell have created a brand new selection of deli products, going the extra mile to give you a bigger, better choice with more than 80 new products on sale in over 500 of Shell’s service stations across the UK.

Shell rewards HyperJar cardholders

Relax and enjoy your journey

HyperJar and Shell will take care of the rest

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