notonthehighstreet offers a 4.8% Annual Growth Rate

on money allocated to notonthehighstreet Jars

Why use a notonthehighstreet Jar?

notonthehighstreet offers you an inflation-beating 4.8% Annual Growth Rate (AGR) when you lock-in payments to a notonthehighstreet Jar. If you're always struggling to find the right gift, or sometimes leave buying the perfect present a little late, you can grow your spending power when you plan ahead.

Not On The High Street Jar

About notonthehighstreet

notonthehighstreet is home to more than 5,000 of the UK’s best small creative businesses, bringing unique, thoughtful gifts to the nation. From jewellery makers and engravers to chocolatiers and artisan bakers, notonthehighstreet's partners love to surprise customers with imaginative presents, original homeware, unforgettable experiences and more.

Share and plan gift buying together

Share your notonthehighstreet Jar with friends to plan a special Big Number Birthday or plan ahead and pool Christmas money for a bigger boost to your spending power. When you use your HyperJar card the money gets taken from the right Jar automatically and everything that's been paid in or spent is tracked in the app.  

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Allocate money to a notonthehighstreet Jar For a 4.8% AGR

  • Growth rate: 4.8%
  • AGR duration: 365 days per deposit
  • Deposit limit: £1000
  • Terms & Conditions


Unique gift ideas and personalised gifts that are notonthehighstreet

The home of thoughtful gifts has partnered with the future of easier, clearer, better money management.

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