Kano offer a 4.8% Annual Growth Rate 

On all money allocated to Kano Jars

It's time to save for that perfect present.

What is Kano?

Although the modern world is now filled with billions of machines, only about 1% of 1% of us can open them up and play with them. To help coding and programming become a more accessible skill, Kano create computers you make and code yourself with simple and clear guidance. It's fun for everyone, no matter your age or skill-sets.

Why use a Kano Jar?

Save for a Kano kit with a 4.8% Growth Rate

If you’re planning the perfect gift or want to save up for the latest Kano set, opening a Kano Jar is the ideal solution. Set goals, hear about the latest products and Kano news, all whilst growing your spending power at 4.8%. 


Kano has something for everyone

Fascinated by computers? Or just want to know how they work? Take your first steps into coding with Kano’s DIY coding kits. Perfect to teach coding for kids or if you would love to learn a new skill. Build and code technology with Kano’s multi award winning sets. Simple, fun, and for everyone.

Allocate money to Kano and grow at 4.8%

  • Growth rate: 4.8%
  • AGR duration: 365 days per deposit
  • Deposit limit: £1000

Take your first steps into code with Kano’s DIY coding kits.

The coding and programming anyone can master

Build and code technology. Simple guides show you how. Connect the bits, boards, and buttons. Bring tablets, wands, sensors, and more to life. Simple, fun, and for everyone.

Most technology is made for us to consume. Kano lets you create. Spend your time creating by coding art, build apps, create data visuals, master songs, and play out stories.

Step-by-step challenges and easy to use computer kits level you up slowly. Earn rewards as you go. Type code, drag blocks, unlock programming powers. Create projects with Python, Javascript, Unix, and more.

Kano makes learning to code fun

Build your computer, learn to code, play out your creation

Learn to code by playing games you'll love

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