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and receive a 4.8% Annual Growth Rate on every penny, calculated and added daily.

Start your smart home with a Hive Jar, earning rewards on everything from heating to security.

The Hive Hub is the heart of your connected home. It connects your Hive products so you can control them remotely with the Hive app from wherever you are.

Hive's award-winning app puts your home in your hand. It makes looking after your home incredibly easy, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Every product in the Hive family is beautifully designed, easy to use and super simple to set up. And with Hive Actions, you can set them up to work together magically, giving you a truly connected home experience.

Prepay to Hive for 4.8% AGR

  • Growth rate: 4.8%
  • AGR duration: 365 days per deposit
  • Deposit limit: £1000
  • Terms & Conditions

Discover Hive with a 4.8% Annual Growth Rate.

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