Bloom & Wild offer a 4.8% Annual Growth Rate

on money allocated to Bloom & Wild Jars

Bloom & Wild and HyperJar

We've partnered with Bloom & Wild to reward HyperJar members when you pay in advance.

You can now get a 4.8% Annual Growth Rate by allocating money to Bloom & Wild in the HyperJar app. 

When you're ready to spend, use your HyperJar card and the money automatically comes out of your Bloom & Wild Jar.



Why get a Bloom & Wild Jar?

Spending power that grows at 4.8% AGR

Bloom and Wild think there’s nothing more delightful than coming home to surprise flowers, so they invented letterbox ones. Putting money in a Bloom & Wild Jar means your budget goes even further - every advance payment you make gets an inflation-beating 4.8% AGR, calculated and paid daily. So you can stress less about treating yourself or others.

Better group budgeting with Group Jars

You'll get more peonies for your pound when you pool your flower budget with friends. HyperJar makes shared spending easy, with instant pop-up joint accounts and digital kitties based around your life. Create a Bloom & Wild Group Jar and you can all see who's put money in, what's been spent and even leave each other notes and reminders. Use your HyperJar card to spend directly from your Bloom & Wild Group Jar. Shared spending, Solved.

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The gift that grows

It's so easy to make someone happy with flowers.

Create a Bloom & Wild Jar on your app, add the amount you want to send as a gift, select a contact in your phone and send them the Jar.  If they have a HyperJar account already, the Jar will appear on their Home screen and they can spend from it straightaway. If they don't, they'll just need to sign up and the Jar will appear as soon as their account is live.

Allocate to a Bloom & Wild Jar for 4.8% AGR

  • Growth rate: 4.8%
  • AGR duration: 365 days per deposit
  • Deposit limit: £1000
  • Terms & Conditions

Take your budget for blooms further with a 4.8% Annual Growth Rate.

Track your spending and create Group Jars for any spend you do with others.

Better budgeting, better rewards.

Beautiful Bloom & Wild

Ordering flowers online should be as simple as sending a text message, which is why you can order blooms in seconds wherever you are, via the award-winning Bloom & Wild website or app.

Bloom & Wild is the UK’s best loved online flower shop and florist with over 10,000 five star reviews online.

They source their flowers seasonally, responsibly and carefully. Each bloom is quality tested for longevity and beauty, and will be enjoyed for seven days or longer. 

Bloom & Wild send theiletterbox flowers in bud where possible to protect their delicate petals along the journey.  Flowers are hand-packed and sent via free next day delivery, right across the UK.

More flower power, with Bloom & Wild

Make your money go further by planning ahead with the HyperJar app

Clearer, easier, happier money. In Jars.

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