Belgo offers a 4.8% Annual Growth Rate

on money allocated to Belgo Jars

Belgo Restaurants & Bars

Belgo has 6 locations across the South East since the first restaurant opened in 1992. You can find a Belgo across London, Bromley and Nottingham. Belgo is famous for its simple but delicious Belgian food with popular dishes involving moules, chicken recipes and a selection of over 50 Belgian beers. 

Why get a Belgo Jar?

Trying to plan that perfect treat for friends or family? Want to experience something a bit different? With 6 bars & restaurants famous for moules, chicken and Belgian craft beers, a Belgo Jar could be just what you need.

Parties the Belgo way

Whether it’s the Belgo beer adventure, the cocktail masterclass or private dining, Belgo provides the perfect solution for any special occasion across their bars & restaurants. Plan ahead with a Belgo Jar.

Allocate money to Belgo and grow at 4.8%

  • Growth rate: 4.8%
  • AGR duration: 365 days per deposit
  • Deposit limit: £500

Experience Belgo’s famous moules, chicken and craft beers.

Love restaurants? Love Belgian beer? Love Belgo

You can enjoy many other Belgo offers and promotions alongside the HyperJar 4.8% Annual Growth rate.
Enjoy Belgo deals at locations from Soho to Nottingham. You can find up-to- date Belgo food and drink offers on their website and social pages.

Belgo offers a beer menu with over 50 selections to choose from.
The perfect place to celebrate with friends and family. Whether you are a connoisseur of beer or just enjoy the occasional glass, Belgo’s bar team are there to guide you through the best of Belgian beers. 

Open since 1992, Belgo boasts great food, decor and choice of over 60 Belgian beers in 6 locations. Come and try their famous moules and chicken.

Belgo Restaurant and Bar

The perfect place to celebrate with friend and family

Experience Belgo’s famous moules, chicken and craft beers

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