ATG Tickets offers a 4.8% Annual Growth Rate

on money allocated to ATG Tickets Jars

Exclusive to the HyperJar app

ATG Tickets and HyperJar

HyperJar is the personal finance app and prepaid card that helps you get ahead of your money by setting visual budgets and spending directly from them.

ATG is now the world’s number one live-theatre company with close to 50 venues in Britain, the United States and Australia.

HyperJar has partnered with ATG Tickets to offer all HyperJar members a 4.8% Annual Growth Rate when planning spend with ATG Tickets.

Put money into your ATG Tickets Jar, while it's in there it'll generate 4.8% AGR.  When you're ready to shop, use your HyperJar card at the checkout and the money automatically comes out of the right Jar.

Why get an ATG Tickets Jar

Group trips to the theatre are fantastic, but can also be expensive and take time to plan.
HyperJar lets you and your theatre buddies pool money together in digital Jars. Pay for your tickets straight from the Jar by using the HyperJar prepaid Mastercard.

Leave each-other notes and view all transactions and deposits. No more chasing money for tickets and other spend.

You can still use all of your favourite ATG Tickets promo codes, discounts and vouchers.

HyperJar takes the stress out of planning your nights at gigs and theatrical evenings.

Perfect for groups

HyperJar is perfect for group trips to ATG Tickets events. Use your Jar like a Whatsapp group to organise, plan and pay for your night out with ATG.

Share Jar

Give a gift that gets a standing ovation

In search of the perfect gift for someone you love? Give them all the emotion of live theatre with HyperJar and watch their spending power grow.

Create an ATG Jar, add money and send it by sharing the Jar.

ATG tickets

Allocate money to ATG Tickets and grow at 4.8%

  • Growth rate: 4.8%
  • AGR duration: 365 days per deposit
  • Deposit limit: £1000
  • Terms & Conditions

ATG Tickets offers an Annual Growth Rate through HyperJar so you can feel the rewards of planning ahead to spend at a later date.

Top musicals, plays, comedy and gigs at venues across the UK.

Made easier with HyperJar

From classic plays to West End musicals, London’s dazzling West End has it all. Find the best theatre tickets in London, the latest ticket package deals and even some tips and tricks to help you plan your night out at the theatre with ATG Tickets.

As the UK’s largest Theatre, Arts and Entertainment ticketing operation, processing 10 million theatre tickets every year across nearly 50 venues across the UK, you’ll always find that perfect performance with ATG Tickets.

ATG Tickets

Theatre tickets in London’s West End and across the UK

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