The New HyperJar Kids Card vs. GoHenry: A Side-by-Side Comparison

HyperJar vs GoHenry

The New HyperJar Kids Card vs. GoHenry: A Side-by-Side Comparison


We get the challenge. As a parent, you’re on the lookout for a reliable way to manage your  kids’ money that still allows you to have oversight of their spending. This is a good approach to pocket money and a great way to get your children prepared and excited about their financial future. By handing them their own card, it not only makes them feel empowered and “all grown up”, it is laying the foundations for healthy money habits from the get-go.


There are now a few options for kids out there. These cards may seem ‘one and the same’ but far from it - the features and costs definitely differ. It can be daunting to do the research by yourself before signing up so we thought we would save you some time. Read on as we break down a comparison between the HyperJar Kids Card and GoHenry.


Let us share who we are first. HyperJar is the 100% free smart spending app for the modern jam-jar budgeter. With HyperJar, you can plan ahead, set money aside, and spend money directly from jars. 


The HyperJar Kids Card is a free pocket money card for kids and an extension of the adult account. Kids get their own card and can earn money and spend from jars created for them by the adult. The parent is still connected to the account. We feel it’s important to have that adult-child relationship when it comes to spending and allows families to manage their money together. What’s more, you can even set up a Shared Jar for your kids with relatives and friends who are also HyperJar users. So HyperJar is an app the whole family can use together. Our goal is to teach the value of money and make it fun. Set up savings goals, send reminder notes, and manage money with your children from your own HyperJar app. You still have oversight as to where, when, and how much they spend. 


To help you compare features and costs between HyperJar Kids Card and GoHenry, we’ve made this handy table for you.

HyperJar Kids vs GoHenry comparison

HyperJar Kids Card GoHenry
Trustpilot rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.3 ⭐⭐⭐⭐4.2
Annual cost per child FREE £35.88
Monthly cost per child FREE £2.99
Annual cost per additional child* FREE £35.88
Loading fee (transferring money from a bank) FREE 1 free load per month, 50p for additional loads
Spending abroad/in another currency FREE FREE
Lock in money with merchants for 4.8% AGR/awards ✓Check out Kano, the computer & coding site for kids (plus more kid-friendly merchants coming soon!) X
Apple/Google Pay ✓ 13+ X
Eligibility 6-17 6-18
Personalisation Select custom message Select custom image and name (£4.99 charge)
Separate kids’ app X (Coming soon!)
Manage account via website X
ATM cash withdrawal X
Desktop app X
Unlimited Jars (mini accounts) X
Shared Jars with others X
Send notes in app
Freeze/Unfreeze card
Goal setting
Card replacement fee £5.00 FREE
Fun feature! Glow in the dark X

*Currently HyperJar account holders can have as many free cards as they have children.

How GoHenry works

GoHenry is a big player in prepaid cards for kids that focuses on Earnings, Savings, Spending, and Giving. They offer a maximum of 4 sub accounts, managed off a parent account, where you can set up tasks and goals. The GoHenry account is set up for the children. There is no adult relationship within the app aside from task management and fund top-ups. Parents are also able to access the account via the website. Set your child chores for the week and they can tick them off as they go. 


The card can be used online and in store. There is no feature for Apple/Google Pay. There is no overdraft available so your child can never get into debt. This card can be used at an ATM for a maximum withdrawal of £120 per day but you can only view your balance in the app. There is a monthly fee of £2.99 and 1 free load per month for the adult account - additional loads cost 50p every time. You can customise your card or get an Eco Card for an extra £4.99. GoHenry is a well-designed, multifunctional app but it will cost you.

How HyperJar Kids works

HyperJar may be new to the market but we have brought a whole new spin to prepaid cards for kids. 


You can create an unlimited number of Jars for your children as we know everyone’s spending is going to look a little different. Sit down together and name their Jars, set a target, and choose a colour for each. Then simply transfer money from your bank to your HyperJar account and then move money to their Jars. 


From your adult account, you can exchange notes with your children inside their ‘Jars’ and set savings goals. There are no overdrafts so you don’t need to worry about getting into debt.


Introduce your children to the concept of growing their money. You can commit money for your children with our Partner Merchants to get awards and receive a 4.8% Annual Growth Rate on every penny, calculated and paid daily - we call this HMoney. We also have Kano on board, the computer and coding kit company, and there are many more child-friendly merchants to come. Be sure to stay tuned!  


There are no monthly subscription fees or loading fees for parents so it is easy to make adjustments as you go. 


When your child is ready to spend, you can link their HyperJar Kids Card to one of the Jars you have created with them. This means they are spending from specific jars each time - like a Magazines Jar, a Fortnite Jar or a Holiday Jar. 


Children can use their card to pay online and in shops. If you don’t want them bringing their physical card, you can add it on their Apple/Google Pay for children 13+. HyperJar may not offer ATM withdrawal but you can always transfer money back to your main bank account. 


An exciting feature we’ve added - the Kids Cards glow in the dark!


The Kids Card is an extension of the parent account. That means you’ve got a pretty good view of your entire family’s budget and spending activities. The whole family gets involved, connected, and works towards goals together. Of course, we did not forget - kids grow up! At the age of 18, your children can apply for their very own adult account.


We are working hard on the companion Kids App which is currently in development but we didn’t want to wait before releasing the Kids Card. We’d love your feedback and suggestions. This app is for your whole family and the best is yet to come.

In Summary

Overall, if you are looking for an app that is versatile in a variety of money situations, shares responsibility, grows your spending money, and has zero fees - HyperJar is the Kids account for you. 


Whichever app you decide to go with, HyperJar or GoHenry, you have already won by choosing financial literacy for your kids. Not only are you sharing knowledge with your children but giving them the tools and experience to make their own future brighter. That is simply great.


Plus, we’re thrilled for our Kids Card to be independently reviewed by This is Money.

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