• HyperJar is a smart, digital version of jam-jar budgeting, an account where people can organise money into virtual Jars, according to how they want to spend it.
• Customers can make advance payments in the app to their favourite shops and services, in return for awards and offers. Our flagship award has been a 4.8% annual growth rate on prepaid money, calculated daily (like bank interest).
• See a feature about us on The Gadget Show here.

HyperJar Local

• We are now opening up HyperJar to independent and family businesses, a crucial part of the UK economy and of the culture of their communities.
• We’re connecting the nation’s cafés, pubs, bakers, hairdressers, retailers, restaurants, entrepreneurs and tradespeople with the customers who want to support them.

Our partners get big tech for small business:

• A digital loyalty programme based on committed customer revenue.
• A marketing and comms solution:
o Your own page on a ready-to-go digital app alongside national brands
o Talk to your customers any time via the app, with news and special offers
o Incentivise shopping at different times or for different products / services.
• A digital gift card solution for your business, connected directly to a payment card.
• A payments and collection solution to reduce reliance on processing cash.
• Pipeline visibility. A forward view of committed customer funds.

Here’s how it works for our local businesses:

• A monthly HyperJar subscription fee
• Plus, whatever you choose to reward your committed customers
• Simple to join – a short contract, with no technical integration or training requirements; everything runs on MasterCard
• No big commitments: simple to leave. We’re confident HyperJar will work for you, but if it doesn’t, we won’t hold a grudge.

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