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Supporting local partners

Our original partners were corporate businesses. We are now building ‘HyperJar Local’, putting independent businesses into the app. Connecting the nation’s cafés, bakers, hairdressers, butchers, retailers, pubs, restaurants and tradespeople with customers who want to support them.

How HyperJar works in three simple steps


Create and pay from multiple Jars

Each Jar is a separate mini-account that you can spend from directly. Jars can be linked to the HyperJar MasterCard automatically. Perfect for planning and organising money.


Share Jars with other users

Create instant, hassle-free joint accounts and digital kitties. Ability to send notes, reminders, and review a ledger of transactions. Shared Jars allow for planning and spending with family and friends.


Money saved with our partners grows in value

Customers can commit future spending to their favourite businesses in return for rewards. Committed funds can be gifted to others – a fully integrated digital gift card

What’s in it for you?

A digital loyalty programme based on committed customer revenue. Always top of mind and connected to their wallet.

Your own page on a ready-to-go app alongside national brands.

Talk to your customers with news and special offers.

Incentivise shopping at different times or for different products / services.

A payments and collection solution to reduce reliance on processing cash.

Pipeline visibility: a forward view of committed customer funds

Stay in touch even if social distancing is keeping you apart.

Getting started

The customer transfers money into their HyperJar account

They choose which Jar to keep money in…

And can use some of it to make advance payments in-app to their favourite shops and businesses

In return for committing the money upfront, they are given awards and offers.

Let’s partner up

At point of sale

When customers spend, the money
automatically comes out of the right Jar

The app and the card do all the calculations together

No integration, no training

Let’s partner up

Join the HyperJar Local innovators

It’s so simple to become a partner

We can get you up and running within a week...

A monthly HyperJar subscription fee

Plus whatever you choose to reward your customers

A short contract, with no need for training

No technology integration required

No change to customer or employee workflow

Because everything runs on Mastercard

It’s also simple to leave. No big commitments
We’re confident HyperJar will work for you, but if it doesn’t, we won’t hold a grudge!

Sounds good? Let’s partner up, talk to the team today...

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