HyperJar Ever After

Love and marriage and moving in is all very well, but there's so much...admin.  Here's some advice on how you can move past the bills on your way to true cohabiting contentment.

HyperJar Ever After

Remember that day when you and your partner, said: “Right, let’s go and live together and share all our household expenses. It’s gonna be fun.”

Probably your conversation didn’t go exactly that way. Maybe it was in a somewhat more romantic setting that you decided to share your life with someone else. Somewhere sweet and lovely. You imagined an Instagram life, with a sparkling clean house, an always full fridge and beds that make themselves.

Where did my Instagram life go?

Then you look for a place. You find it, and it’s perfect, and it's exactly what you always wanted (or if you live in London it's the box room in zone 6 that you never thought you wanted but it’s the only thing you can afford). Your next question is: “How do we pay the deposit?” More follow. “Shall I send it to you? Shall we split it and pay separately? Shall we... Open a Joint account?”

And suddenly you are there thinking: we have bills to pay, food, rent, travel...This is a lot more than just living together. How will we budget? Who is going to pay for Netflix? Internet? How can we keep on top of things? Stressful. You start to hyperventilate and panic. Who would have thought that your Instagram fantasy needed so much...admin?

Money where your life is

However, there might be a solution for you: HyperJar. It has instant Group Jars that allow you to budget for multiple things. That’s what me and my partner did, when we thought “this is too much”. We started creating Jars for: Food, Rent, Bills, Subscriptions and little treats with a “Dinners out” Jar.

From one couple moving in together to another, here are some suggestions that made the stress behind all of these sudden expenses disappear:

  1. Do the planning together and be honest about your concerns
  2. Make a list of all the expenses you will have
  3. Create Jars for everything that you do/share together
  4. And a Jar for emergencies
  5. Contribute to those Jars every month and use them to calculate your monthly expenses. This will help you budget
  6. Roll your budget over to the next month if you have anything left


Notes, transactions...and dirty socks

Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first couple of months. If you do get it right first time, please share your secret with us... You can both spend from those Jars and stay on top of your expenses. You'll get instant notifications when you spend, and can even add notes to your Jars. Like a grocery list - for the one that goes to the shop, forgets what they need to buy and comes home with a bag of Doritos, a beer and cat food for the cat that you don’t have.

Obviously, things will not always go to plan. You might argue and have difficult times – we are not going to lie about it and tell you it’s all TV and take-aways. But, if you keep the conversation going and always speak up about your concerns and budget in advance, living together is not that bad (as long as you don’t find their dirty socks in the dishwasher).

HyperJar ever after!