Getting started

1. Add money

The first thing you'll need to do to get going is to move some money from your main bank into HyperJar. Go to your online banking site or banking app, and transfer money into your HyperJar account. You'll find your HyperJar account number and sort code in the Profile tab.

Money usually arrives in 2-4 hours - if you've allowed notifications, we'll send one to your phone to confirm when it's in your account. You can even add money while waiting for your card to arrive, so you can get going as soon as you have it. Any money you pay in will be in your HyperJar Wallet. You can spend it anywhere that takes Mastercard.

2. Activate your card

When your card arrives, go into the app and press the Activate button which you'll see in the top right of your home page. We'll ask you to input the last 4 digits of the long number on the back of your card. That's it - you're all set.

3. Creating Jars

Jars are a way of allocating and organising money for different things. Maybe your lunch budget, groceries, things for kids, going out money. You create a Jar by tapping the plus sign on your Home page. You can give your Jar a name, and can also set goals, or choose the colour. A bit like jam-jar budgeting, Jars give you a clearer, easier way to manage your money. Once you've created your Jar, you can add money directly.

4. Spending from Jars

You can spend directly from any Jar by quickly linking it to your card. Just tap on the Jar and press Link, and that Jar will be where your money comes from. So if you've got a 'Lunch' Jar, and you want to use it to pay for lunch, just link it to your card. The money comes from that Jar and you'll have a list of all your transactions in that Jar.

If you spend more money than you have in your Jar, any extra money will come out of your Wallet. And if there's not enough in the Wallet to cover the spending, the transaction won't go through: you can never be overdrawn with HyperJar.

5. Group Jars

A lot of our money management and spending is done with other people. Shared bills, going on holiday together, group gifts or just a night out with friends. A Group Jar works like a pop-up joint account, with none of the hassle or commitment - for up to 30 people.

Tap on a Jar, press Share, and you can either add other users by Bluetooth if they're nearby, or from your contact list. If you're the Jar Owner, you set the permissions for other people: who can pay in, spend from, and see the Jar. You can also leave Notes for each other in a Group Jar. "Hey guys - spent £40 on groceries for the flat.''

If someone else invites you to share a Group Jar, they set the permissions, so make sure you're OK with them before putting any money in.


6. Merchant Jars

In the Explore tab you'll find all our merchant partners. These are the shops, brands and businesses that are connected to HyperJar. If you open a Jar with them - like Lidl, or Shell, or Virgin Wines - they'll send you awards and offers. And if you lock in your money and commit to spending it with them, you'll get an inflation-beating 4.8% Annual Growth Rate on the balance you've paid in. This is calculated daily.

Other good stuff

Spending abroad: pay anywhere in the world, in any currency, and we'll pass Mastercard's exchange rate on to you directly, with no added fees or charges from us. That's in contrast to most bank debit cards, where you'll typically be charged around a 2% add-on for spending abroad, and often a one-off fee on top.

Spend notifications: every time you spend you'll get a little notification from us showing how much you spent, where. And in your Analytics page all this information is put together over time, to give you the bigger picture on your spending and budgeting.

Quick transfers between members: at the bottom of your Home page you'll see your 'Friends on HyperJar' contact list. You can send (or request) money here instantly.

Freeze (and unfreeze) your card in the app, if you think you've lost it.

And if you have any problems or questions, come and talk to customer support via in-app chat. Mon-Fri 8am-10pm and Sat-Sun 10am-6pm


Clearer, easier, happier money. HyperJar.