Fees And Limits

Updated: 25th November 2020


Our business model allows us to provide the HyperJar App and the primary HyperJar card for free.

We do however charge for the following services

The fees set out below are effective from the 1st February 2021

Service Fee
Lost Card Replacement (Shipping & Handling) £5
Kids Card Shipping & Handling £5
Recall a Bank Transfer £25



There are some limits that apply to the use of your account.

Description Limits
Minimum top-up £10
Maximum daily top-up £5,000
Maximum daily top-up 3rd party £2,500
Maximum number of loads per day 3
Maximum daily spend £5,000
Maximum funds transfer to another user £5,000
Maximum number of transfers per day 3
Maximum account balance £10,000

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