6 Things only dog parents will understand


To celebrate our partnership with Butternut Box we're sharing the little things that make being a dog parent special.

It’s a funny thing, having a dog in the family. When a new pup comes into your lives, a whole new range of routines and habits work their way into your days without you even realising.

To outsiders, we look like an odd bunch, probably. But all these foibles are a small price to pay for the utter joy the unconditional love of a dog can bring. Here are a few of the things only us dog parents truly understand.

You greet the dog first when you come home

Partner, kids, cat… whoever else is at home can wait. No matter where you’ve been and for how long, the one family member who is always there to say hello the moment they hear the key in the lock is the dog. Tail wagging, tongue hanging out, optimistic little eyes staring up at you – it’s only right that you greet them first, frankly.

You can never have too many blankets or beds

Humankind's best friends need their beauty sleep, and they need to be able to do it anywhere, anytime. That means you need at least three blankets on the sofa and bed on the floor just in case. You have to have a bed in the kitchen for those long Sunday afternoon cooking sessions. And of course you need a comfy spot for them to sleep in the bedroom for those nights they decide it’s too hot to kip in with you.

A quick poo is a reason to celebrate

We’ve all been there. Standing outside in the freezing cold for 20-odd minutes while a fussy Fido decides where they’re going to do their business. Round in circles they go. Maybe here. Probably not there. Oh – it’s happening! They’re doing it! Sheer delight crosses your face and you jump up and down. Never before has a poo – especially a quick one – been so exciting. You’ve got to celebrate the little things, right?

The umbrella is no longer for you

You’re on your nightly poo walk before bed and it’s absolutely bucketing down. You don your wellies, raincoat and gloves, and you don’t forget that all-important umbrella – the only thing that’ll get your dog to do their business in the rain. Some might say desperately following the dog around holding the brolly above their head is a bit too much, but the rest of us know it’s just plain savvy – you don’t want to be out there longer than you need to!

The head tilt wins the day

It doesn’t matter how stressed you feel or how bad a day you’ve had, the moment your dog looks at you and does that silly little head tilt, nothing else matters. It’s a simple move, but one that brings absolute joy, and they know just when to deploy it.

We’re creatures of habit, us humans, and so are our dogs. In fact, their inner body clock is so good you no longer need to set an alarm to wake up in the morning (face licks on the pillow do just fine, thanks). You’ll never forget to feed them thanks to their Swiss-precision-timed appetite, and they are like your own live-in PT, reminding you when you need to get your daily exercise by thrusting the lead in your face or whining at the front door. What would we do without them, hey?

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